Resentment of the Day: Rapper Arrested for Refusing to Hand Over HIs Arizona Iced Tea

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Who knew drinking iced tea in a parking lot could get you arrested? This footage of a plain clothes police officer arresting a man who apparently refused to hand over his Arizona Iced Tea has been making the rounds today, with many viewers calling it out as a clear abuse of authority. As seen in the video, the arresting officer refuses to properly identify himself while confronting rapper Christopher "Xstrav" Beatty and subsequently tackles him to the ground and places him in handcuffs for "trespassing." According to the North Carolina Court System website, Beatty was arrested by officer Rick Libero and is being charged with Misdemeanor Second Degree Trespass and Misdemeanor Resisting Public Officer.

Note: A few skeptics on Reddit initially speculated that the footage may have been staged, but another video of Beatty being taken into police custody soon surfaced to confirm its authenticity.

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