"This TikTok is for People With Big T!tties: What's it Like?" Large Tata Women Provide the Answers


We always hear from the itty bitty t!itty committee (ibtc) but for some reason the women with the Dolly Parton-sized chest are simply sexualized and shoved to the back. Well, TikTok is bringing them out of the shadows to be heard. 


TikToker Ilona Maher, a professional women's rugby player for the U.S., is part of the ibtc—that's neither here nor that. However, she recently posed a question asking what it's like to have big hoohas. Simply out of pure curiosity she just wants to know what it's like to have something so have always just hanging there. 


Original Question


Here question went like wild fire through TikTok and now big breasted women are posting their responses. Many of them are sick of having to constantly be carrying these heavy things around that usually get you unwanted attention. Not to mention the never ending sweat. “In the summer time when it's hot you can't take them off,” one TikToker said in her stitched response. “You want to put them in a ponytail or something and throw them over your shoulder to just get a little bit of air down there, but that don't work.”



Bras are Expensive and Hard to Find

1 Out of 10 Do Not Recommend


Not all the response stitches are a negative view on the extra chest weight. Some women are glad to have them and have figured out ways to make them extra handy. For instance, one woman uses her's to warm up M&Ms and have a nice warm treat. Another was able to smuggle and entire camera in her melons that went undetected even after a pat down. 


Overall, what women of the ibtc have learned from all of this, is that when it comes to having big t!tties, you have to be willing to take the good with the bad.


Used to Warm Up M&Ms

Good for Smuggling


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