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A Couple Builds An Incredible Garden Catio So Their Blind Bengal Will Safely Enjoy Nature

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    Tsavo and Zerah are two adorable Bengal kittens that were saved from the street

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    Unfortunatley, Tsavo was born blind and even after a surgery to remove the cataracts from his eyes, he is far-sighted

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    This means that he won’t be able to enjoy nature as other cats, so his owners decided to help in an imaginative way – they build a garden catio (patio) especially for him

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    The owners wanted their cats to enjoy the outside safely, as there are many dangers looming in the wild, especially for the far-sighted Tsavo.


     Any enclosure they took a look at costed a small fortune, so eventually they decided to use their own garden and make the enclosure on their own. And the results are stunning.

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    Here’s how the enclosure was built: The frame is actually a simple garden pergola, mounted on a foundation of bricks

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    They bought a window-seated cat door with shelves, which is now used by the cats to enter and exit the enclosure. The wood was painted to match the pergola.

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    At the end, they added perches from precut wood rounds which the cats obviously love.

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    Installing the door which the cats use to enter and exit. The windows allow light into the enclosure and give a clear view of the cats.

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    The catio took about 2 weeks to complete and the cats are absolutely loving it!



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