29 Overheard Conversations To Make You Chuckle til You Buckle

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    Text - Tim Toda Follow @tim toda "This place is run by like...ghosts. Next time you send me a package, I'm pretty sure it'll get here quicker if you send it with a horse carrier like it's 1865." - overheard at this USPS in NYC
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    Text - Aisha Saeed Follow @aishacs Overheard: 7yo: What's privilege? 5yo: I think it's when some ppl can eat candy every day. They don't have to even ask. They get it. And some people can't get any even if they ask nicely. 7yo: that is... so sad. 5yo: SO sad #MindBlown
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    Text - Anish Shroff Follow @AnishESPN Overheard in the elevator... Woman 1: "He's not on social media." Woman 2: "That means he has something to hide."
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    Text - kelsey @kj_snyder Follow *overheard at front desk of one of dorms/cafeteria* Student: has anyone turned in a banana? Front desk: excuse me? Student: I lost a banana. Has anyone found a banana?
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    Text - Hannah Strickland Follow @han_strickland Overheard on the elevator: "The first meme has to be a good one. What's her sense of humor like?"
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    Text - Christopher PSo@timelordscience Follow Just overheard - "Can I have another slice of gum?" Who says "slice"? Am I the only one that is disturbed by this vocabulary?
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    Text - Rachel Olson Follow @sadgirlhouse Just overheard the new clerk in our office answer the phone and say "hello, this is the voicemail."
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    Text - Ariel Elexxus Follow @arielelexxus *Overheard on the plane* Person 1: awe listen to the baby, it's new! Maybe I should have another one. Person 2: I think you've had enough.
  • 9
    Text - xtopher @negOdrimed Follow overheard on the street: person A: "when you hike, its called hiking... when you bike, why isnt it called biking?" person B: " is"
  • 10
    Text - Pamela Ribon Follow @pamelaribon Overheard from the living room: Five year old: "Alexa. Remind me in five minutes." "Okay, what's the reminder?" "Dance it out.". "Okay, I'll remind you in five minutes." "Thanks."
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    Text - amanda Follow @mandalun overheard in first grade today: Q: What's your favorite place to visit in nature? A: A graveyard, what's yours?
  • 12
    Text - Casey Reardon Follow Casarito6 Just overheard two twelve year olds on the subway. "I'm a vegetarian" "Fish isn't meat" "Yes it is, the only thing that's meat that I eat is shrimp, but that's a part of the cockroach family" "Why would you tell me that"
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    Text - skye Follow @leamicheleswift Overheard from a local TM "my report card in 1st grade said that I need to improve on cutting with scissors"
  • 15
    Text - OVERMEARD Overheard 22WORDS @heardat22words Follow AT "I'm not genetically built for that. I'm like a cashew. Pale. Squishy. Curved. Chewy."
  • 16
    Text - ericasadun Follow @ericasadun Overheard a discussion between my kids: "What's the Oregon Trail game?" "It's a thing where you die of Dysentery"
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    Text - Chelle Follow @FabMommy29 ATE My daughter overheard me saying I was going to blow up, and she said "Mom, that's a hyperbole" I'm seriously so impressed.
  • 18
    Text - Jonathan Fredericks Follow @jonny_one_note Overheard from a nearby table at Costco: "Mom look! 100% all beef hot dogs.' But wait, if they're 100% all beef, how do they have bread??" Kids man, asking the hard questions
  • 19
    Text - Lizzie Johnson Follow @lizannej3 "Do you ever wonder why we don't say female like we say tamale?" - snippet overheard in passing
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    Text - Lilly Checchio Follow @lilliancheck Overheard in the movie theater bathroom Little girl: "I'm pooping." Sister in the next stall: "Wow! Im pooping too! We really are twins."
  • 21
    Text - Dr. Megan Simon @myspacemegan Follow I just overheard a waiter have to answer the question "what is mustard?" and he handled it way better than I would've
  • 22
    Text - aleema Follow @aleenamirkat "When bald people wash their forehead, how far do they go up?" - random kid i overheard when walking to my car
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    Text - Mallery Avidon @malleryavidon Follow "I've never been to New York. I had a buddy said him and his wife spent $90 on breakfast I said that's it. Never went." Overheard in Mukilteo, WA
  • 24
    Text - John Hunter Follow @J_Hunter 1977 OK... just overheard a kid that looked like he was about 8 or 9, tell his friend here at McDonalds that his dad caught a case of the crabs... .That is all
  • 25
    Text - ro Follow @namjune21 overheard in chem lab - boy #1: what color should I dye my hair next? boy #2: you should do it kpop boy #1: kpop isn't a COLOR it's a LIFESTYLE
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    Text - katiron Follow @Kat_Randolph Overheard at the Tulsa Zoo from a group of 8 year olds: "Sometimes I wish I was an animal because then I wouldn't have school!" what a mood
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  • 28
    Text - Sarah Follow @sarahndipity18 Just overheard my sister whispering to our dog "how was your day being a dog? Did you have a good time? What's on your mind?"
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    Text - Sarah Bebb Follow @bebbyagogo Overheard: "my kid's teeth are coming in and frankly it's disgusting"


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