These Clueless Facebook Friends Have No Filter and Everyone Hates Them For It

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    Instagram Really Ought to Update Their Fish Harassment Policies

    Skin - 00000 AT&T LTE 10:22 AM 97% 36m Fishy won't keepu out of the water for too long #fish #office Q
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    Yeah, Why Pay for a Good Job When You Can Infect Yourself?

    Text - 13 hrs A Why would i pay for a piercing when i can just do it myself? Like - Comment - Share like this.
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    International Politics Done Simple, AKA Wrong

    Text - May 15 at 10:28pm - Funny how people from "third world countries" complain about their countries like they don't elect the same people in office, but S9 Share 6 2 people like this.
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    With That Behavior, You'll Meet Gramma Real Soon

    Product - 87% 11:01 AM added 7 new photos - and with Yesterday at 11:00 PM Edited Had to have a beer for gramma !:) I miss you so much n will always remember your stories and your awesome personality! I love you! Cheers Gramma olson:) 6 Likes GHT LIGHT
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    Mad Max: Apathy Road

    Text - 26 mins - I drive way too fast for two reasons. 1. I drive to actually get somewhere. I spend enough time on the road as it is. 2. I really don't give a they're my immediate family. I have a nagging hope that maybe it'll be my last drive. Ever. Still here to piss and moan about it, unfortunately. about my safety, nor anyone else's, unless Like - Comment
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    There's Willful Ignorance, Then There's This

    Text - And it's considered disrespectful to use the wrong pronouns fyi This whole Bruce Jenner thing is bull..t. It's not like he's the first person to get a damn sex change. I'm sure most people would agree with me. There's more important sil t going on in this country than a guy being a coward. And what the is a pronoun? I dropped English class FYI
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    "Who Asked You?"

    Text - Fact- if the earth was 10 ft closer to the sun we would all burn up and if it was 10 ft further we would freeze to death.. God is amazing!! Sunday at 11:04am via Text Message Like Comment and 4 others like this. Wow.that's crazy! Sunday at 11:07am via Facebook Mobile Like I knooooow! Sunday at 11:08am Like Amen Sunday at 11:08am Like to anyone wondering, that's not true. 1)Earth's orbit is eliptical and the distance from the sun varies from around 147 milion kilometers to 152 milion kilom
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    We Just Threw Up in Our Mouths too!

    Text - Why didn't anyone tell me we get fungus on our toenails? I just chewed mine off and they still had some on them. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 1 like Like Comment Share
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    Inventing Time Travel With the Help of a Microwave

    Text - 12 hrs 4 If you put 60 seconds on the microwave its different than putting 1:00 twice. 60+60=1:20 but 1:00 + 1:00 is 2:00. I know its confusing but hopefully this helps with your cooking. Like · Comment - Share 6 Samantha A Hamel and 21 others like this. | feel you on thiss Like - Reply · 12 hrs | Are you slow? | Like - Reply 65-11 hrs Um. You're kidding right? Like - Reply 62.11 hrs What??? some people didnt know this and be burning the shit outta pizza rolls Imaoo000 Like · Reply 11 hrs
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    Antifreeze is the Tastiest Poison

    Text - 4 hrs - Yay when l'm not pregnant anymore I can still get fireball the are now banned in Europe KREDALA HOT CINNAMON WHISKY Fireball Whiskey Has Been Recalled Because It Has Too Much Antifreeze In It Listen up, whiskey drinkers in general and cinnamon whiskey fans in particular - this very important announcement definitely concerns you guys: Fireball whiskey. BUSTLE.COM Like - Comment - Share likes this. Write a comment.


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