12 Inventions From The Past That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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    Prior a waterproof mascara invention it was suggested to wear these masks to preserve the make up in case of a bad weather.

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    Nowadays our smart-phones allow us to enjoy music, watch movies or read news. In the past, for those who wanted to keep abreast of the latest events these radio-hats were created.

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    Some of the inventions looked so bizarre that people were ashamed to wear them, as for example these life jackets on the photo below:

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    The idea behind this invention is a way how to let toddlers to be outside in the big city and under supervision in the same time.

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    This creepy invention was made for ladies, who wanted to have adorable cheek dimples.

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  • 6

    This is how the inventor saw a family bike: definitely with a sewing machine.

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    Brush for the back with a rear-view mirror, what could be more convenient?

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    Everyone loves to read lying in the bed, these goggles allowed to enjoy your favorite book without any harm to the sight.

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  • 9

    And these roller skates as well.

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    Most probably these television goggles served as an inspiration for the 3D ones.

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  • 11

    Another invention for readers.

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  • 12

    This unusual bridge can be fitted into a case, just in case you need it.

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