Woman Accidentally Wears Panties That Play Music To Work, Laughs it Off on Twitter

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    It all started when she decided to wear panties given to her by her ex, Adam...

    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx When I was about 20, an ex boyfriend bought me a pair of panties that said "Wild Thing" on the crotch. I didn't wear them until about 2 years later. I was working in a dentist's office at the time. I had a patient reclined inches from my crotch when suddenly! it began 12:58 PM -11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx SWild thing, you make my heart sing You make everything groovy, wild thing Wild thing, I think I love you This played from my crotch. Inches from my patient's head. I had zero idea they were musical 12:58 PM -11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx I knew immediately that it was my panties, as the song that was blaring from my vina was written on my panties. I told the dentist and patient it was a ringtone and apologized profusely. It played any time I bent sideways and hit the little sound button 1:00 PM-11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow exLiserx I could tell the patient, whose head was practically in my lap, sensed it wasn't a ringtone. My dentist told me I had to turn it off. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I removed my panties and spent the rest of the day going commando under my scrubs. 1:01 PM- 11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx Only time I ever got less than an hour out of a pair of panties that wasn't related to some sort of bodily fluids incident. Honestly, bodily fluids might've been less embarrassing than my vagina serenading a random stranger during a dental cleaning. 1:04 PM-11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx Anyways, I've told this story routinely to my friends the last 12 years or so and I figured it was time I told it on twitter because, well, I'm Lisa from Twitter and I'm here to laugh at myself so no one else gets there first. 1:07 PM- 11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow exLiserx Adam, we broke up ages before this incident occurred but I hope you've never given another woman musical panties because, dude, that's the worst gift ever. I knew the thong was tacky but I didn't know it was insanely tacky 1:10 PM-11 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow exLiserx People asking me how I didn't know beforehand are picturing a thong with a boom box attached to it or something and I think their visual is funnier than any part of my story. 2:42 PM 12 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow exLiserx How would you get surround sound speakers on a product that doesn't even have a butt cover? 2:42 PM- 12 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow xLiserx Honestly, I didn't notice at all. There wasn't crazy surround sound speakers on it. It happened. I laugh about it now. Hundreds of people have laughed at it. So who cares? Canuck Scouser @Mensana88 Replying to @xLiserx This story is funny but it baffles me that you never detected the battery that must have been embedded somewhere in the fabric. Presumably they weren't powered by solar energy
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx The seams did feel oddly thick when I put it on. When I removed it, there was like a watch battery, a VERY SMALL button, and maybe a speaker the size of a dime in different parts of the seam. It wasn't blasting like we were gonna roll up into the club and boogie to my sick beats. 2:45 PM- 12 Dec 2018
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    Text - Marie Christmas Follow @xLiserx To those of you who say this never happened, I don't really care. I know it did and I'm cool with knowing that. 1:53 PM-11 Dec 2018


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