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15 Purrfect Gifts To Spoil Your Pets This International Pets Day

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    Texsens Bubble Backpack Carriers


    Do you feel like a monster every time you try to get your cat into a carrier? Well, after one round in this carrier they will feel like try astronauts, and explorers, wanting more! Just give them a fun tour of the park once to give them a positive experience and they will love to go anywhere with you!

    Now $63.99 Buy it Here

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    Catit Design Senses Massage Center


    Does your cat seem to want a massage... but not from you? We've all been there. Well, now you can treat them to their own massage center, which provides a variety of ways to stimulate and engage with. An amazing at-home spa day by simply rubbing, chewing, and walking on the different zones.

    Now $12.95 Buy it Here

  • 3

    The Furbo Dog Camera

    Product - Furbo

    We all hate leaving our pets at home. But someones gotta go to work! But ever wonder what they are up to? Well, now thanks to Furbo the newest HD dog camera with two-way audio, you can see and talk to them! Furbo hooks up to your phone via an app and connects to your home's Wi-Fi, as well. And not only that, but Furbo also has a treat dispenser! All you have to do is fill it up with your puppy's favorite snack and with the click of a button (on the app) you can shoot a treat across the room! 

    Now $249.00 Buy it here

  • 4

    Facial Massage Roller For Cats


    Most cats love to have their heads and faces massaged, it could make your kitty feel calm and happy and they may purr or even close their eyes!

    Now $9.99 Buy it here

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    Does your pet seek the heat and love to look out the window? Well, now they can have both! The K&H Thermo-Kitty Sillgives your pet heated, enjoyable relaxation while looking out of the window, giving your pet a sense of peace and tranquility. Designed for 24/7 operation so you can leave it plugged in all day! 

    Now $48.90 Buy it here

  • 6

    Catit Senses 2.0 Circuit

    Cat - cait

    The new Senses 2.0 Wave Circuit is the ultimate hunting toy for your cat. It's the purrfect fun packed game for your cat to exercise their skills and stay on their...paws! 

    Now $19.99Buy it here

  • 7

    Kong Rubber Dog Frisbee

    Red - KONGO

    The KONG Flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market. Made of durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer is safe for your active dog's teeth and gums! 

    Now $6.73 Buy it here

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  • 8

    Cat's Laser Chasing Post


    Keep your cuties busy and provide plenty of healthy exercise by them playing catch with this battery-powered red laser pointer! With 3 rotation speed setting, slow, fast or random, your furry friends will be entertained for hours! 

    Now $24.99 Buy it here

  • 9

    Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera


    The simple way to spy on your adventurous furry friends. This lightweight camera can be easily attached to your pet, and after a long day you can download and scroll through the images or videos they have captured! See from their point of view what they have been up to!

    Now $26.65Buy it here

  • 10

    Customized Pet Pillows


    These adorable pillows are when you realize you've reached peak cat or dog-parent status. You know what that means? It's time to customize your living room decor with a printed pillow featuring your pet's portrait! What better way than to show your love?

    From $50 Buy it Here

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  • 11

    Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball


    Want to keep your dog mentally and physically fit? The Pet Zone IQ Ball might be the way! It provides a challenging way to dispense treats. Just fill the ball, select the adjustable difficulty level and let your dog roll and play with the ball to figure out how to get the tasty treats inside! 

    Now $9.99 Buy it here

  • 12

    KritterWorld Microplush Pet Blanket


    Realizing slowly that your pet has basically claimed all the blankets in the house? Well, how about giving your adorable furry friend a cozy place to curl up by laying down on this double-sided, luxurious throw blanket! Made of ultra-soft plush material, cozy pet blanket for puppy dogs cats! 

    Now $15.89 Buy it here

  • 13

    iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

    Dog - aiFetch

    Dogs love a good game of fetch! So give them a nonstop ball thrower and why wouldn't they be overly ecstatic? (We know you will be!) The iFetch reduces the strain you put on your arm if you have a hard time throwing, but it'll also give your dog some much-needed exercise. You simply train them to drop the balls into the hole and it shoots them across the room or the yard. Be careful to order the right size for your dog though!

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    Now $114.99 Buy it here

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  • 14

    Petcube Camera

    Product - Petcube

    This one is for you both! Ever have those moments throughout the day that you're away and just missing you babes? (This is like every moment of the day) Then Petcubeis just what you need! It allows you to see and talk to your pets via a corresponding app on your phone. It comes equipped with an HD camera that sends a feed straight to you, and a two-way microphone system so you can talk to your pups. It even has a built-in laser pointer that you can control from a distance to encourage exercise and play! 

    Now $159.00 Buy it Here

  • 15

    Frankshine Pet Bed for Dogs or Cats


    The purr-fect bed for pets. With it's easily removable and washable bed cushion mat, it can be easily assembled or disassembled for machine wash or even travel. Leaving your pet's beds also clean and comfortable! 

    Now $32.98 Buy it here

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