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The Fifteen Most Exciting Games Presented at This Year's E3

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    South Park: the Fractured But Whole

    Huehue, Fractured Butthole, amiright? Jokes aside, The Stick of Truth was a fantastic game, even for those who are not fans of South Park. We were pleasantly surprised when this sequel was announced, given that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone previously stated they'd never make another game. If Fractured but Whole is anything like its predecessor, it's sure to be a worthwhile game.
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    Sea of Thieves

    A new game from Rare? Heck yes. Not only is this new adventure MMO the return of legendary studio Rare, but it's also the reimagining of an unreleased game by the company that eventually became Banjo Kazooie. Back in 1995, it was called Project Dream and it was being developed for the SNES and N64. The team was forced to abandon the project and re-develop it as what would eventually come the beloved Banjo.
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    Gears of War 4

    Look, we had no doubts another Gears of War would show its helmet-less face some day. Still, it was super nice to return to the world of Sera. Gears of War 4 looked incredible during Microsoft's press conference. It harkened back to those early days of the 360's life when the reveal of this franchise hinted at what that console could achieve. Even though Gears of War 3 wrapped up the original story well and the follow up, Gears of War: Judgement, marked a low point for the series, we are really excited to active reload our lancers.
    Perhaps the only worrying aspect of this new game is that it will be the first one made entirely away from Epic Studios, who created the franchise. Instead, Microsoft-owned studio The Coalition, is developing it with the help from Rod Fergusson, who was the executive producer on the first three Gears of War games.

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    StarFox Zero

    Nintendo's event might have been a little on the snoozy side, but they did show off a ton from the upcoming Star Fox Zero. Fox, Falco, Hoppy and Slippy are back again and taking their Arwings where they've never flown before. Nintendo let us know about this franchise's first console game since 2002's Star Fox Adventures last year, but this was the first time we saw in depth gameplay. For the first time, your Arwing can transform, making you a chicken ship, a quadro-drone-copter or giving you R.O.B. as a little buddy. Plus, it's only one of two games on this list that will release in 2015.

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    Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

    In a way, twins are one of the best ways to showcase the two sides of The Force: light and dark, life and death, good and evil. Sure, we had Luke and Leia, but they both were inclined toward the light side. BioWare Austin's newest offering shows us a story heavy CG trailer centered around two twins under increasing pressure from their father, until they finally get pushed over the brink to two different sides of The Force. Gameplay was lacking, but we've been promised a level cap up to 65, with level 60 characters immediately available to jump right into the story. Star Wars and family struggles. Who would have thought?

  • 6

    Shenmue III

    The most expensive game of 1999, and one of the first open-world games for consoles (way back on the Dreamcast) is finally getting a long lost sequel. But instead of funding it themselves, Sony and Yu Suzuki want you to help them out. Check out their Kickstarter to back the project. While the project met its 2M dollar goal within 24 hours, the first Shenmue cost $47M, so it'd probably be okay to give them a little extra.
  • 7


    Microsoft's newest Xbox exclusive, ReCore, has a lot of awesome stuff going for it. Not only is it made by Mega Man mastermind Keiji Inafune, and the crew behind Metroid Prime, it's set in a post-apocalyptic desert world, and (most importantly) it has an ADORABLE ROBOT DOG!

    Added bonus: this lady looks like a bad-ass Disney princess:

    If you don't have an Xbox One, hurry up and buy one!
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Don't worry, Kingdom Hearts III is still coming and Square Enix showed us the trailer to prove its existence. There may not be a release date, or release window… or release year... but whatever, it's still "in development". Granted, it's been in development since 2013, but who's counting?

    The newest trailer gives us a look at a Tangled world, and a Titan from Hercules. We just wish it would come a little bit faster.
  • 9

    Dark Souls 3

    Creatable bonfires, changes to the world that affect the type of boss you fight, and 1-4 player combat. These are the features that have been teased so far. However, much like Dark Souls' storytelling, the reveal trailer was thin on details, preferring to leave the finer points of the world up to our imaginations. Still, if history is any teacher, the third installment of Dark Souls will be a fitting end to one of the most beloved franchises of this generation, pitting us against impossible odds and throwing us up against monsters that even our nightmares couldn't have imagined. Prepare to die one last time (or 1000 times, more likely).

  • 10

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Guerilla Games has been pretty silent since they put out Killzone: Shadow Fall as a Playstation 4 launch game and now we know why. We knew to expect something big, but we never could have guessed the third-person, apparent open world action game that takes place in the distant future well after an apocalyptic event. Oh, and we never would have guessed freakin' robot dinosaurs.

    This game has a whole lot of good things going for it right out of the gate. It's got a really unique setting, different than the usual dystopic wasteland future. It's got a badass protagonist. It's got interesting bow and arrow gameplay mechanics which seems like something from Arrow's 300th season. Oh, and it's got freakin' robot dinosaurs. We can't wait so see more.
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Tom Clancy's had a fantastic showing at E3 this year. A brand new Ghost Recon game, Wildlands, was announced at Ubisoft's press conference. An open world tactical shooter, Wildlands lets you employ whatever tactics tickle your fancy to take down targets. In the reveal trailer, we see soldiers take out a fella called 'White Hat' using stealth, sniping, and ambush. Whatever your play style, this shooter's got an option for you.

    Meanwhile, we got a new look at 2016's The Division where we learned more about the origin of the game's setting and the team we play as.

    The Ubisoft presentation also revealed that the new Rainbow Six game, Siege, will bring back terrorist hunt, letting players work cooperatively to take down AI teams of terrorist scum.
  • 12

    The Last Guardian

    Ask any person in the PlayStation faithful what their favorite PS2 game of all time is, and there's a good chance they'll say Shadow of the Colossus. Team Ico has a knack for creating games that seem as if they've stepped right out of a beautiful dream, invoking a strange sense of calm and tranquility much like wind chimes or a breeze through tree leaves. What's more incredible is that this comes as gamers are being placed in death-defying adventure scenarios, often dangling from lofty heights or exploring ancient castle ruins. You've probably heard the term "video games as art" before, but The Last Guardian looks as if it will make a strong case for "video games as zen" as well.

  • 13

    It's Happening: Final Fantasy VII is Getting an HD Remake

    It's finally happening! For the past several years, fans have been clamoring for an upgrade to the iconic, classic Final Fantasy VII, but Square Enix has been hesitant (at best) to make those dreams come true. While it's true they've put a fresh coat of paint on FFX for the next generation Sony consoles, updating Cloud's epic journey would require a lot more work.

    Fortunately, Square Enix is finally willing to put in the time and effort. Rejoice!

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  • 14


    Our reaction to Microsoft's HoloLens is the reason we get excited about E3. Every year, the hardest of the core watches these press conferences and live shows to see something that will blow away their expectation of what is capable from modern technology. When Microsoft demoed playing Minecraft with its HoloLens augmented reality helmet, our expectations were well and truly blown away.

    To the audience, it just looked like some silly man waving his arms while wearing a strange hat, but the camera that showed his view revealed a game that sprung into life. The voice and gesture input seemed awkward and Minecraft isn't all of ours' thing, but we were still delighted as we tried to wrap our heads around what was happening at the press conference.

    Even when he struck those little piggies with lightning.

    Every year, we hope to find some little glimpse of what the future of gaming will bring. For E3 2015, that eye-opening glimpse was HoloLens.
  • 15

    Fallout 4

    Going into BE3, the hypemeter was off the charts for Fallout 4. Our expectations were enormously high, and Bethesda still managed to exceed them in just about every way, shape, and form. Jetpacked power armor? Sewer Deathclaws? NPCs referring to you by one of over 1000 customizable names? Building your own shelter? The list goes on and on, and the stage is set for Bethesda releasing their finest work ever this November.

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