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Nine Weird Animals That Are Surprisingly Cute

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    Honduran Ghost Bat

    cute bats image Honduran Ghost Bat
    Also named the Honduran White Bat, these little white fluffballs are native to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.  They don't live in caves like most bats, instead they like to snuggle together under a large leafy tent. Sadly, they are endangered because they are losing their habitat to human influence.
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    African Helmeted Turtle

    cute turtle image The African Helmeted Turtle
    Sometimes called the African Side Necked Turtle because of the unusual way they tuck their heads into their shells. These friendly looking fellows are actually quite popular as pets due to their smiling faces.
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    Southern Three-Banded Armadillo

    cute armadillo image A Baby Southern Three-Banded Armadillo
    This rare type of armadillo is one of two kinds that can roll themselves into a complete ball for protection. This species is threatened by destruction of their habitat. 
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    Pink Fairy Armadillo

    cute armadillo image Pink Fairy Armadillo
    While we're on the topic of armadillos, this little guy is the smallest species of armadillo, reaching only 3.5-4.5 inches long. They are designed perfectly for life under sand. 
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  • 5

    Banded Linsang

    cute civet image banded linsang
    This adorable long necked mammal is a type of civet that lives in rainforests around Malaysia and Borneo. Here is a video of one in action.

  • 6

    Maned Wolf

    cute maned wolf image maned wolf

    The Maned Wolf is not actually a wolf, or even a fox although it looks a lot like one. It is a unique canid species of its own native to South America.  Its tall model-esque legs and a black mane are its most distinctive features. 

  • 7

    North American Katydid

    cute bugs image North American Katydid
    Surprisingly, the dominant color of the North American Katydid is this adorable pink hue. Most pink katydids get eaten because they stand out in their environment but the colorful little bugs persist, leading scientists to assume that the way they get their colors must be very complex. 
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  • 8

    Bombyliidae - The Bee Fly

    cute bugs image Bombyliidae - The Bee Fly
    These fluffy little flies are members of a large family of flies who have evolved to resemble bees. Their larvae are usually parasitoid, often feeding on the young of a nearby "host" insect which is...not as cute. But when they grow into adorable adults they stick to nectar and pollen, making them important pollinators in their environments. 
  • 9

    Pygmy Seahorse

    cute seahorse image Pygmy Seahorse
    The pygmy seahorse is so tiny that it has to blend into it's environment perfectly to survive.  There are many species of pygmy seahorse whose appearance varies based on the type of undersea environment they are trying to match. The type of seahorse in the image and the one in the video below grow colored bumps as they mature to match the coral they've attached themselves to. 


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