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Apparently, There Is a Scientific Explanation For Why Your Cat Is Obsessed With Your Laptop

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    Cats can be mysterious creatures and their behavior isn’t always easy to understand. Especially when it comes to computers.

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    If you work on a laptop, you likely know that the joy of your cat's company can easily turn into annoyance as he or she takes over your keyboard, sending emails accidentally, getting in the way of your video call, and even throwing off the balance of your device as it tumbles to the floor—cat and all. So, what's the deal? Why is your cat so obsessed with a non-fuzzy, hard-surfaced piece of equipment that doesn't dispense free food, offer love in return, or is even all that cozy to lay on?

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    Cats love plopping themselves in unusual places like laptops because of their thermo neutral zone — where they’re not expending energy to cool off or get warm — is between 85 and 100 degrees.

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    Cozy zones like computer keyboards, can help cats keep their body temperature nice and high. This makes sense, but it's not the only reason. 

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    Yes, cats love to be cozy and warm, but there are plenty of places around the house for them to snuggle up. What they really want is your undying love and devotion.

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    "The laptop is on your lap, which is prime kitty territory," animal behavioral consultant Amy Shojai tells Inverse. " You stare at it constantly, and the cat would prefer you direct your attention to them, so it gets in between you and the screen." Other experts agree, adding that this sort of behavior is guaranteed to get humans to react somehow. Cats know this and use it to their advantage, probably to get pets and treats, which we will, of course, always give them.


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