New Info From Pokémon X&Y Animé!

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During the episode of the anime today, some further details of the upcoming series Pokémon XY were revealed. Within this, it showcased that Ash knew Serena when he was a child, and showed Bonnie and Clemont helping Ash when he was falling. It also showed Ash standing off against a rampaging Garchomp on his own as the media watched.

It also revealed that there is a new design for Officer Jenny, while Nurse Joy keeps a design similar to her Unova design. Bonnie is hunting for a wife for Clemont, and she also holds onto his Pokémon. Clemont has a robot arm called the Aipom Arm in his backpack. Clemont refuses to battle Ash at the Lumiose City gym because he has no badges. The opening for this series shall be called Volt, while the ending is called "The X Strait and the Y Scenery".

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