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Five Cats That Melted Right Before Our Very Eyes

  • 1

    Melting Has Not Interrupted Nap Time

    funny cats image Perfect Time for a Nap
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  • 2

    Maybe Trying to Move Out of the Basket Wasn't Such a Good Idea

    funny cats image
  • 3

    You Got a Cat All Over the Glass Table

    funny cats image You Got a Cat All Over the Glass Table
  • 4

    This Cat Was Just Trying to Say Hi and BAM! Melted

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  • 5

    And This One Melted Right Into the Cushions of the New Couch

    cat disappears in couch funny cat gifs
  • 6

    We Managed to Save This One, But He Doesn't Look Happy About It

    cute cats image Temperature Outside: Cat Willing to Sit in Water Bucket

    Perhaps he is thinking of his melted comrades.


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