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Roaring Lion Facts (WTF Facts)

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    C'mon Mane

    Lion fun fact about the size of a lion's mane is hormonal and attracts the females, and if the lion is neutered, it's mane will fall out
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    Lion in Charge

    fun fact lion photo that almost got the photographer eaten by the charging lion in this photo

    Lions can go from 0-to-Kill in a split second, as this video of a lion charging the camera really shows, be sure to wait toward the end of the video to catch the sudden charging action.

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    They'd be called "Eurolions" if they still existed

    lion fun fact about how they were the most widespread land mammals after humans including Africa, Eurasia and Americas
  • 4

    Would be LION if he said he wasn't at least scared at that moment

    Lion fun fact of man who made friends with a lion who remembered him years later
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  • 5

    Tigers are really just massive house cats PROVE ME WRONG

    lion is not as strong as a tiger and once in Turkey a tiger killed a lion with one swipe of his paw
  • 6

    Sounds like tigers are more like massive puppy cats

    fun fact about lions and how tigers are nicer than them and share their food with females and the cubs
  • 7

    Owning a lion statue makes more sense than owning a lion

    weird fact about how there are more statues of llions in the world than actual lions
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  • 8

    Those are rookie numbers, gotta get those up

    sad fact about lions that there are only 23,000 lions left and in 1998 there was 300,000 lions
  • 9

    A lion balding can be deadly

    fun fact about lion manes and how a big mane means they are undefeated in combat
  • 10

    A liger is a lion and tiger mixed

    white lion and tiger made the first ligers

    Learn more about ligers on Wikipedia and why some people feel liger are an unethical hybrid that should be stopped. (National Geographic article)

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  • 11

    Guess a guard dog was not gonna cut it for him

    lion and tiger and bear found in drug dealer's basement and they are best friends
  • 12

    Saved by the lions

    lions that saved a little Ethiopian girl from four men
  • 13

    Maybe they just do it for fun

    fun fact about lions and how they fake being hurt by the little bite of lion cubs in order to encourage them
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  • 14

    Europe had lots of lions

    lion fun fact about how they were all over europe and then hunted into extinction
  • 15

    Saves a fortune on lion electric bills

    fun fact about lion night vision being 8 times better than human sight


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