Logan Paul Disowned By Vegans For Moronic Fail

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    YouTuber Logan Paul recently went Vegan in preparation for a fight this summer...

    Adaptation - FARM Animal Rights Follow @FARMUSA Logan Paul @LoganPaul Becomes More Active in the #Vegan Community WORLD V ИСМХО

    A fight staged against a fellow (equally hatable) YouTuber, in which Paul has to cut weight to make weigh-in. 

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    The jokes regarding dead animals were an unfortunate inevitability due to his past transgressions.

    Text - Matt Follow @SkwirlAudio Replying to @FARMUSA @LoganPaul At least when he uploads a video of a dead animal it'll be to raise awareness...

    Yes, the Vlogger has uploaded insensitive videos in the past involving a dead rat being tased at one point. 

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    And people were quick to point out this could be a sh*tty little PR stunt.

    Text - Nick Mayberry @TheNickMayberry Follow Replying to @FARMUSA @LoganPaul So this is what trying to get back into folks' good graces, one demographic at a time looks like
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    And anti-vegans were quick to toss shade as well.

    Text - Adam webb Follow @Adamwebb2884 Replying to @FARMUSA @LoganPaul veganism is the biggest joke of the 21st century!! just wait you'll all see!!!
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    And this is where things get REAL RIDICULOUS.

    Text - Ashley Froud @FoxyFroud Follow @LoganPaul I'm grateful you went to the Veg Fest in LA yesterday. I really hope you learned something. You have 16 million followers and have the power to influence so many minds. But why would you wear fur to a vegan festival? @peta
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    Text - craigggg @t3hShmo Follow Replying to @FARMUSA @LoganPaul Cause he's a Shitebag needing good PR to attempt some of his Shitebag image.
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    Text - Fucking MasterChef Follow @Poonikinz Replying to@_softvegan Meat eaters can keep him.
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    Text - Amy Follow @amyythevegan Logan Paul presenting himself as a vegan for one last attempt to salvage his personality?? 1 we don't want u here 2 - you are not automatically a good person when you're vegan & 3 it's a desperate attempt to show compassion after all his done to show the opposite boy bye
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    But then you have the real kicker. Vegans themselves don't want this kid.

    Text - Sweet T Follow @_Softvegan The vegan community does not claim Logan Paul
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    The moron showed up to a vegan festival rocking fur shoes.

    Community - PEKRALROCKAEROLE PIZ2 мсмхсу
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