50 Hilariously Brilliant Yearbook Quotes That Deserve Awards

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    Poster - C James Royel "l bet you didn't even know this was an option. its,
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    Poster - Mitchell Wieland "Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck. Then pretend to be someone else."
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    Face - Alexandra Vu Look pict shou If you like water, you already like 72% of me t free
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    Gentleman - Kristian Falcon Steven Elgin "The previous quote is telling the truth." -Steve Elgin "The next quote is a lie" -Kristian Falcon
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    Text - Ethan Smith "If idiots could fly, this place Would be an airport. ss is ring.
  • 7
    Poster - JASON AVINA One time I ate a bagel. "The take i
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    Official - Roshan McGuinness I cheated on all my exams #kony2012
  • 9
    Hair - The only reason I went to school all this time is to distract myself from the fact that l'll never be Beyonce.
  • 10
    Hair - "I spent 113, 880 hours of my life for a paper and a handshake."
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    Line - Pareekshit Ravi The "s" is silent Rekhi
  • 12
    Photography - Ramirez Ramirez Ididn't choose the twin life, the twin life chose me.
  • 13
    Gentleman - Faizon Graham was released from his 4 year sentence.
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    Face - Alizeh Raza "t al1 2: No, you cannot try on my hijab. "Dc to goo
  • 15
    Poster - Senson Tyler Bentley Samue Berkow n isn't who You're laughing because I'm laughing, but I'm laughing because I farted. "If I was a dinc be a flexasa et me; it's p me." -Ayn Rand
  • 16
    Text - Bethany Hubbard Brian Hubbard Jaden Hubbard related. We... "aren't...
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  • 17
    Photography - Maliha "You can't see me." - John Cena
  • 18
    Gentleman - CA 2012 Rowdy Negro Yes, it's my real name.
  • 19
    Hair - "I didn't choose the thug life the thug life chose me. -Tupac
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    Text - Lacrossc 434 Connor I don't know, you can just put some quote in for me. -Connor
  • 21
    Hair - Edward Me like rice.
  • 22
    Text - William DONT READ THIS YOU WILL GET KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE TOMORROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE HOWEVER IF YOU DONT POST THIS YEARBOOK QUOTE TO AT LEAST 3 YEARBOOKS YOU WILL NEVER FIND LOVE. THIS real LY WORKS Ronald By knowing things that exist. you ca that which does not exist. That is the To attain the way of strategy as a warrio yo must study fully other martial arts and not
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  • 23
    Hair - "Make up looks pretty on the outside, s a but it doesn't help if you're ugly much on the inside. Unless you eat the make up." onroe
  • 24
    Suit - Jason "Honey! Where is my SUPER SUIT!! - Frozone I found this on
  • 25
    Forehead - "Greg just stole my girl." -Everyone Gregory Schwartz
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    Hair - Madi Genz "Any pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself."
  • 27
    Hair - "What if one day you woke up and you were a chicken nugget." no
  • 28
    Graduation - illo Brian A. Castle ises when ever make hive, and I am the one and your mad 3 "Whe "This is nothing but a only Queen Bee.
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    Text - When's this due? Lucas
  • 30
    Face - Alixandra Garcia "I'm actually not funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking."
  • 31
    Text - Aaron Portillo "Sometimes when I'm taking a bath I like to turn off the lights and pretend I'm in the 'womb."
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    Abbess - Sarah Siddiqui No one ever noticed my haircut.
  • 33
    Text - tell Gaett Suke "I get butterflies when I think of myself." "Qui
  • 34
    Poster - John Arlis Williams "I can d Christ w some- "No." will --Rosa Parks lcolm X
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    Text - permanent failure." "Hannah Montana says nobody's perfect but here I am. Rey Urquiola
  • 36
    Photograph - Kylee Durham Keaton Durham Kassidy Durham "Not the triplets. We graduated." "Who's there?" "Knock knock."
  • 37
    Selfie - Pax Puran "I hate you." - My mom
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    Hair - Katia Perez "My computer screen is brighter than my future."
  • 39
    Hair - Brittney Marquez SUzman "Remember that true beauty comes from within- within bottles, compacts&lipstick tubes" -Jeffree Star
  • 40
    Hair - Samantha Siracusa "I DID MY WAITING!!!!! 12 YEARS OF IT!!! IN AZKABAN!!!!" -Sirius Black r until he ighting. hea
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    Face - Antionette Horn "A girl who leaves behind a trail of glitter is never forgotten" Bethany Horton Matthew Klein Joseph Klein "My senior project was to make a clone. "A+
  • 42
    Forehead - Iyanna Morgan Remember... The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe... Eat cake
  • 43
    Face - Sofia Kaplan does "Im surprised you graduated My mom
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  • 44
    Hair - Jessica Enciso Why fall in love when you can fall asleep.
  • 45
    Cheezburger Image 9165628416
  • 46
    Text - ont-martinez Lil Yacht Allison Lloyd "RIP Club Penguin, you be e per raised me when my parents didn't want to."
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    Face - Jose Berard Laura Blaine I don't need a piece of paper saying succeeded. I just need food -Shane Dawson
  • 48
    Official - Aaron It's so hard being a single mom when you have no kids and are a male teenager.
  • 49
    Violet - "I hate having to explain to everyone why wear a hijab but if everyone must know: Voldemort has possessed me and his face is living on the back of my head." Mon Image-Reddit
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    Text - KARL TIMOTHY MANGUNE I am rather appalled at the limit of characters for this.I am certain that I cannot fit all my thoughts of these last 4 years into such few cha


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