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5 Dancing Emojis to Celebrate World Emoji Day

  • 1

    This Guy From Janet Jackson's "Nasty" Never Got Enough Praise


    Via: Miss Jackson if ya nasty.

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  • 2

    Hope Everyone's Friday Turns Out Like This

    Cartoon - SENORGIF.COM

    Via: Danny Wilson.

  • 3

    Why Isn't There a Beard Emoji? How Do ZZ-Top Text Each Other?!

    Guitar - A id blogspot SENORGIF.COM

    Via: ZZ Top.

  • 4

    Have You Ever Heard This Song?

    Yellow - SENORGIF COM YE

    Via: Psy.

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  • 5

    And I'm Just Here in a Field Like This

    People in nature - SENORGEF COM

    Via: Lebanon Hanover.


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