Secret Fast Food Menu Items You Should Get Right Now

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    Chipotle: Quesarita and Burritodilla


    You've probably heard of the quesarita: one standard Chipotle burrito wrapped in a super cheesy quesadilla. It's such a good idea that Taco Bell, official sponsor of drunk and stoned folks everywhere, has started offering their own version as a legitimate menu item. If you're looking for a "lighter" take on the quesarita, try the burritodilla by asking to get your burrito grilled. You should also ask for less filling (a travesty, I know), to make sure your burritodilla doesn't burst. You end up with a slightly crunchy outside with a melty cheesy inside.

    Bonus: make your burrito bowl into nachos by asking for chips instead of rice!

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    KFC: Triple Down and Poutine


    If the Double Down wasn't enough for your heart, make it a triple! The Triple Down is a Double Down with an extra piece of chicken, bacon, and cheese. You can also get it grilled if you're trying to watch your breading intake.


    Not in the mood for chicken? There's always Poutine! At some KFC locations where cheese curds are available, you can get the Canadian classic of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. GET IN MAH BELLY!

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    Burger King: Rodeo Suicide

    Burger King is trying to kill you with a suicide burger consisting of 4 patties, 4 slices of cheese and bacon. It's technically a "quad stacker," one more patty than their triple stacker.

    You can also get a Rodeo Burger by adding onion rings and BBQ sauce to a cheeseburger, or if you want a whopper without any meat, you can get a veggie patty version!

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    Jack in the Box: Unlimited Patties, Mint Oreo Shakes

    Okay, unlimited is an exaggeration, but generally Jack in the Box doesn't give a f**k about your patty count. Want two, three, four extra meat discs on your burger? Go for it. One guy even got a burger with 20 patties on it, for a whopping 9,044 calories and $38.23. If you need something to wash it down, you can get their classic Oreo shake with added mint flavor for a Mint Oreo Blizzard Shake. It's available on the menu in some locations, but remains a secret, by request item at others.

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    Starbucks: Drinkable Breakfast and Dessert


    Did you know you can get Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccinos? I don't even want to know how many calories are in them. Add 1 pump each caramel, hazelnut, and toffee syrups, and java chips to a Strawberries and Creme Frap for Crunch Berries. To get Cinnamon Toast Crunch, take a White Mocha Frap and add 1 pump of both cinnamon dolce and hazelnut syrup, then top it off with cinnamon sugar. Finish off your breakfast with a Fruity Pebble Frappuccino by adding 2 pumps vanilla, 1 pump raspberry, and a splash of orange-mango juice to a Strawberries and Creme.

    If you're more of a pie fan, you can get a Banana Cream Pie Frap by adding 1 pump each vanilla and hazelnut plus a banana to a Vanilla Frappuccino. Apple pie can be achieved with a custom frap made of cream, apple juice, and two pumps each of cinnamon dolce and caramel syrups.

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    Taco Bell: the Incredible Hulk and Superman


    Order a beefy five layer burrito, but substitute guacamole for the nacho cheese, subtract the inner shell, and ask for it "fresco" style. If you also skip the sour cream, it's a kind of healthy option...for Taco Bell, anyway.

    If you prefer the Clark Kent way of things, get a Superman, which is a Cheesy Double Beef burrito with added potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla strips.

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    Jamba Juice: Gummy Bears and Starburst

    Food - mha Juice

    If you're going to Jamba Juice for a healthy treat, don't get anything off their secret menu, but if you want something that tastes amazing, they secretly offer candy flavored smoothies that are totally worth it. There are green, pink, red, white, and chocolate gummy bear flavors. White is probably the most popular, and it does taste remarkably like a pineapple gummy bear. 

    They also can make you a pink Starburst (does anyone even like the other flavors of Starburst?), fruity pebbles, skittles, and sour patch kids. 

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    Arby's: Meat Mountain and Free Extras


    Do you think this is more meat than the Triple Down? Arby's Meat Mountain consists of turkey, ham, steak, corned beef, brisket, bacon, chicken tenders, swiss cheese, and cheddar.

    You can also add onion tanglers to any sandwich for free, or swap breads and sauces at no extra cost.

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    McDonald's: McCrepe and Mc10:35


    If you haven't had a "Land, Sea, and Air" burger (Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken in one), or a McGangBang (a McChicken inside a McDouble), you should probably pick those up, but if you're headed in for breakfast try out a McCrepe by ordering hotcakes and a yogurt parfait, then assembling into cute little crepes. If you're a little late for breakfast (exactly between 10:30 and 11:00 am), you can order the 10:35, an Egg McMuffin with McDouble patties. Then head directly to your doctor's office, because all of this secret fast food is going to be hell on your arteries.


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