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6 Possible Reasons Your Cat is Peeing On Your Couch

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    Your cat might be sick

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    Cats usually choose very carefully the places that they call bathroom. They don't usually pee or poop where there is no ground to cover it. So, if your cat begins peeing on the sofa, then there can be a serious medical reason, like urinary tract infections, diabetes, arthritis or other painful conditions. So, take a look at your cat's behaviour before judging her for naughty behaviour and take her to the vet!

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    The bed and sofa is on a higher ground than the litter box

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    Cats don't want to be ambushed when they are in their private moments. For them, survival is a priority and sometimes, your cat pees on the bed or sofa because it is a higher place where she feels safe and also because she doesn't like the place where her litter box is. She might feel threatened there. So, try changing the place of her litter box and see if it made her stop peeing in unwanted places.

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    Check the litter box so that there are no problems with it

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    Sometimes, it's your own fault. Cats sometimes need choices. If one litter box doesn't feel right, you've got to have a backup one. You've got to have more than one litter box. If you have 3 cats, you've got to have 4 litter boxes to make sure your feline friends are happy with their bathrooms. You've got to place the litter boxes in places where the cats will feel safe. Avoid closets, cabinets or small, crowded rooms!

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    Peeing on the sofa as a symptom of relationships issues

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    Disputes with the other animals in the house can cause cats to pee on higher places. Fights over territory and different kinds of squabbles will get cats nervous and rethinking their place in the household. In these type of situations, you need to add more higher places, like cat trees, shelves or any other type of object that the cats can climb on.

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    Anxiety and feelings of separation

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    Although they sometimes feel like they don't give a damn about you, cats are actually very social and when their favourite person is away for a long period of time, they might feel alone, anxious and they might pee on the couch that's got that human's scent in it.

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    Maybe it’s just urine marking?

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    Did you know that cats also mark certain areas like dogs do? If you see your cat marking his territory, and you know to recognise this by the amount of urine that he leaves. When marking an area the cat will leave very little urine compared to when he really needs to go. If you recognise this there are a few possible reasons for this: First thing is very common in male cats that are not neutered or female cats that are not spayed. Another reason could be if you have more than ten cats in the same house. If that's the situation it may very well be that the cats is marking his territory to establish his dominance.

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    Here is a video to help you make your cat stop peeing on your couch:


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