40 Shower Thoughts That Will Keep You Contemplating All Day

  • 1
    Writing - A clean browsing history is also a dirty one
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  • 2
    Child - Adults would go totally crazy if they were expected to share their possessions the same way children are.
  • 3
    Athletic dance move - Being shot with an arrow is basically being long-distance stabbed
  • 4
    Hair - Booby trap is "party boob" spelled backwards.
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  • 5
    Product - Cellphones would have saved Romeo and Juliet.
  • 6
    Geological phenomenon - Hawaii is theonly state making more land.
  • 7
    Baby - It's a good thing farting isnit as contagious as yawning.
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  • 8
    Soldier - If the people who started wars had to fight in them there'd be a lot less conflict in the world
  • 9
    Skin - It's such a dick move when your brain makes you dream about waking up. Q
  • 10
    Bird - It would be weird if a human yelled out "Anyone wanna fuck?" but birds do it all day and nobody cares.
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  • 11
    Vertebrate - The mule was the original hybrid vehicle.
  • 12
    Face - Normal people are just people you don't know very well.
  • 13
    Finger - A tip is just a bribe traveling backwards in time
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  • 14
    Font - If the Matrix is real, they must have been really nervous when we made a movie about it.
  • 15
    Hair - Mustaches are just mouth orows.
  • 16
    Cartoon - Spongebob's shoes soueak because they're always wet.
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  • 17
    Eurasian Red Squirrel - Squirrels are basically rat hardware running monkey software.
  • 18
    Product - The 21st century. Where deleting history is more important than making it.
  • 19
    Facial hair - The guy who ate 30,000 Big Macs (Don Gorske) is honestly the true Burger King. RICOCHET
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  • 20
    Cup - Folgers got it wrong. The best part of waking up is going back to bed after you pee.
  • 21
    Text - George Washington died in 1799. The first dinosaur fossil was discovered in 1824. George Washington never knew dinosaurs existed.
  • 22
    Food - it's conceivable schools could end up allowing guns in the classroom but not peanut butter in the Iunchroom.
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  • 23
    Organism - Sex is just your DNA trying'to make a new body so it can live on without you.
  • 24
    Barbecue - Smelling a barbecue in your neighborhood must be like when sharks smell blood in the water.
  • 25
    Beauty - if you're famous, you can't be an extra in a movie. You can only have cameos.
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  • 26
    Hand - Marriage is just dating someone to death
  • 27
    Text - SURING CESS IN GREES Someone in the world has your CHECK tUA3 Pdreamjobwhich they hate DA 8/10/2005 going to ANTO JohnSan Cartier $93.4 MILLION Ninety-Three Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars KShaheen ORDER OF: cay NOT NEGOTIABLE
  • 28
    Text - Sometimes I wonder if people in the 1500s used to masturbate to renaissance paintings.
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  • 29
    Gadget - The age that you can afford nicelthings is about the time you have children to destroy them.
  • 30
    Text - The best part about being an introvert is all the money you save by not doing social interactions
  • 31
    Tooth - The fact that we can accidentally bite the insides of our cheeks has to be the biggest design flaw of the human body.
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  • 32
    Wall - Using a plunger is like giving CPR to a toilet.
  • 33
    Supermarket - Wandering around an unfamiliaragrocery store is as close to foraging .for food as most of us wil ever experience
  • 34
    Stomach - We've all been trapped insidea women's body at some point in our lives!
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  • 35
    Water - Water is a beverage whose flavor is its temperature
  • 36
    People in nature - When you get out of schoal at 3, it felt very late. When you get off work at 3, it feels like you got halfyour day back
  • 37
    Text - Witches have black cats because if they had white cats they would have white cat hair all over their clothes.
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  • 38
    Text - You can usually tell aperson's tech proficiency by how they phrase their Google searches. Google-Suche Auf
  • 39
    Stemware - You kill time until time kills you.
  • 40
    Text - You've seen more of the moon than youll ever see of the Earth.

    H/T: Izismile


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