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Links of the Day: Sadistic Raccoons, Martian Women and What You Missed This Weekend

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    Fantastic Four Flopped at the box office, exactly like you knew it would.

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    As of last week, Fantastic Four turned into the movie everyone was excited to watch burn, like a car wreck that came to a local theater near you. And, to everyone's glee, it pretty much tanked at the box office.

    Scott Mendelson wrote in Forbes:

    The 20th Century Fox reboot has performed so poorly compared to tracking guestimations and conventional wisdom that it may well be a case where everything I have always claimed doesn't matter on opening weekend actually mattered this weekend. To wit, Fantastic Four opened with $26.2 million on its debut weekend. This is also a classic "rank doesn't matter" weekend. Yes, the film came in behind Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation's $29.4m second weekend, but it's the numbers themselves that spell box office doom.

    If you need our help in finding something more worth your time, here are 10 movies that received higher ratings than Fantastic Four.
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    Don't turn your back on this Polish raccoon, or it'll be YOU that sleeps with the fishes

    Granted, this video is a year old, but it blew up pretty big this weekend around the Internet.

    It shows a raccoon who either hates his roommates and wants to ruin their day or has a severe case of OCD and needs to clean everything.

    Either way, it's probably just another reason in a long list of reasons not to have a raccoon as a pet.
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    Curiosity Rover might have found sexy life on Mars

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    Not really. But it did send back this image of what appears to be a long-haired woman, wearing a dress in the rocky outcroppings of the red planet.

    So, that's proof right?

    A least, they think so on

    Its hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago. However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being. Also it is facing the Mars rover...watching it from a distance. This being is about 8-10 cm tall. Yes, one such species is known to exist that small.

    Well. Um. That's one opinion.


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