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Star Wars Looks That Did Not Inspire CoverGirl's New Makeup Line

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    CoverGirl New Star Wars Collection

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    Nien Nunb

    Have you ever sat co-pilot when your best bud Lando destroyed a Death Star? Yeah, didn't think so. Where's Nien Nunb's double shaded lipstick? Something vibrant could really draw the eye away from his weird gaping mouth.
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    Trash Compactor Monster

    Your eye-look might be the most important part of your daily makeup. This guy from the Death Star's waste management team has got you covered.

    Flaky skin around the eyelids and bloodshot whites will make you the bell of Trash Compactor 3263827.
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    Mos Eisley Bar Patrons

    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy whose makeup is ON FLEEK. This is a fierce group, and if you're not careful with your color choices, you'll be DEAD... embarassed of your faux pas.
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    Tauntaun Insides

    Sometimes you want a warm, comforting look. There's nothing warmer than the inside of a tauntaun's belly. A few autumn color tubes hanging from your face will remind everyone of curling up by the fire.

    Plus it makes a great sleeping bag:

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    Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen

    There's no look more smoky and sultry than this look pioneered by Luke's adoptive family. When you want to impress those Stormtroopers next door, just think of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
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    Jabba the Hutt

    Nothing says fun and flirty, like a Hutt. Swamp green and pus brown are the it colors of the season. And when you want to send that certain signal to that special person in your life, you know what move to make:


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