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Weight Loss of the Day: This Brazilian Stray Pup Has Quite the Transformation After a Kind Clinic Takes Him in

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    This is how the little guy was found

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    Abandoned in an old gas station, he came to be known as Bolinha, which means pellet or ball in Portugese. 

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    That is until the Animal Protection Organization took him in

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    He was the 'mascot' of the nearby restaurant/gas station, until Roger Oliveira brought him to the organization.
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    They gave him a bath

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    Gave him affection

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    Gave him medical attention

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    Gave him healthy food

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    And began giving him some exercise

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    The physical therapy they gave Bolinha had to be slow and began in water to make it easier on his straining joints. 
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    With his new regimen and his new friends, Bolinha began to lose weight!

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    After 20 days, Bolinha lost 6 pounds. Down from the 80.5 he had when he came into the clinic. 
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    He still had a lot to go

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    But Bolinha kept at it and kept losing weight.

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    After six months, he was looking a lot better!

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    After a year, Bolinha lost over 30 pounds!

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    Look how far this guy has come!

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    Of course, charitable clinics like this need all the help they can get, so maybe stop by their Facebook page and say hi!


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