I Can Has Cheezburger?

11 Dogs Enjoying the Dog Days of Summer on National Dog Day

  • 1

    Making Do With Whatever Doggie Pool You've Got

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  • 2

    Pretending You Didn't Just Get Grass Stains From Rolling on the Lawn

    cute dogs image This Noble Lad Is Pretending He Didn't Just Get Grass Stains From Rolling on Lawn
  • 3

    Getting the Pool Party Going

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
  • 4

    Feeling the Wind in Your Ears

    yellow labs on motorcycle funny dog pics
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  • 5

    Making Careful Stick Carrying Calculations on Outdoor Adventures

    What a GIFted pooch.
  • 6

    Making Sure Your Friends Get in on the Fun

    Cheezburger Image 8549791488
  • 7

    Sharing the Water Fountain

    Cheezburger Image 8541508352
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  • 8

    Being Grateful for Staying Cool

  • 9

    Taking a Breather at the Beach

    cute dogs image This Pup Taking a Breather at the Beach
  • 10

    Refusing to Wake Up From a Nap While There's Still a Good Sunbeam

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  • 11

    Learning How to Swim for the First Time


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