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6 Of The World's Most Luxurious Cat Hotels In The World

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    VAC Cat Hotel & Spa – China

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    Vacation A Cat is a brand new state-of-the-art cat hotel, designed with the 21st century cat in mind. Based in the Chaoyang District, Deshang, the hotel has three floors with 15 individual spacious suites and a separate playroom for the kitty who needs entertaining for longer than usual. Between each suite are round windows on the wall that can be opened to create an interconnecting suite for for multi-cat families. Climbers, multi-level platforms and other fun hidey-holes ensure every cat owner is getting the best possible care for their much-loved mog. Each suite also has air-conditioning and CCTV. 

    Prices: From 350RMB per day (one cat) to 500RMB per day (2 cats) upwards. Discounts are offered for longer stays.

    Additional services include: Grooming / spa sessions

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    Longcroft. UK

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    Abi Purser Launched Longcroft in 2010 in response to the fact that she could not find a premium cattery in her area for her own beloved cat, Norman. It was the first boutique cat hotel opened in Welwyn Garden City. Longcroft boasts wrought iron designer cat beds, individually decorated bedroom suites, gourmet menus and grooming services, not to mention a choice of music and a team, whose sole job it is to come in and entertain the feline residents. It sounds to me like the cats are going to have a far better holiday than their owners! 

    Prices: From £17 a day (one cat) up to – £80 a day (family of 7-8 cats)

    Additional services include: Spa day + play session £45/  Mini bar snacks £1.50 to £3.50/ A La Carte Menu from £3.50

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    Divine Creatures, Sydney Australia

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    This state of the art, 5 star cat boarding hotel, located in Willoughby on Sydney's lower north shore, was designed and created by veterinary professionals. Offering deluxe triple-level (often themed) condos and even a penthouse apartment where  multi-cat families can holiday together, this is a little slice of heaven down under. Facilities include a 'jungle gym' for additional recreation and entertainment, plus pussy pampering grooming sessions. I'm close to buying a cat suit and booking myself in! 

    Prices: From AUD$29.50 a day up to AUD$105 depending on type of suite and number of cats. 

    Additional services include: Online pet shop/ Grooming – AUD$45 – AUD$95

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    The INGS, UK

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    Based in West Yorkshire, This luxury cat hotel has designed its suites based on a luxury human hotel room, offering each lucky cat a luxurious, light and cosy suite. Stunning panoramic views across the fields and woodland ensures the furry guests are kept stimulated with local birds and other critters. Offering single suites to super-sized family rooms, plus an out door viewing balcony for up to four cats, The Ings ensures there is something for every type of cat owner. The 5 star service also includes under-floor heating throughout the winter, maintaining constant temperatures, and shading for a cool, well-ventilated environment during the summer months. Our cats can't ask for more than that, although they will no doubt try!

    Prices range from £18 a day through to £50 depending on type of suite and number of cats.

    Additional services include: A La Carte menu £4 a meal/ VIP updates from £5 – £12/ Hunting toys and a salad bar £20

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    Hotel Cat UK

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    Hotel Cat was built to top hotel standards, offering lavish elegance and refined comfort with the additional luxury of abundant space. A small, intimate, family-run business with just seven suites, cats are given a personal one-to-one service that any cat owner would pay top dollar for. They are based in the idyllic and peaceful location of Sway in the New Forest, where birdsong fills the air and the scenery is sublime. With cats offered the option of a fine dining menu and a view through purpose-built glass doors and windows, Hotel Cat sounds like the purr-fect holiday.

    Prices: From £21 – £35 a day depending on the suite. Additional family members £7 a day extra.

    Additional services include: London Chauffeur Service £60 – meeting at Sunbury train station

    Fine Dining Menu from £3 per meal

    Additional Skype Calls £5 each

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    Aritside, Paris

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    Aristide is an urban hotel for Parisian cats that sulk if they do not get their way. Each suite has been designed with the nature of cats in mind. High ceilings, spacious hiding and spying posts, water fountains, grass salad bars, cat stairs and plenty of cat trees. There is even a TV for the cats, by way of large secure fish tank, as well as a secure playroom with unlimited access. Only the very best for the French fur bods, or the cats will go on strike! 

    Prices: From €26 a day up to €55 depending on type of suite and number of cats. A frequent traveller pass is available.

    Additional services include: Online pet shop/ Taxi service/ Souvenir photos – €2.50 a day, up to professional photo sessions – €125.00/ Grooming and massage €15 – €75


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