15 Mildly Depressing Summer Memes For All You Sad Sacks

  • 1
    Pic of a guy wearing a suit with a pumpkin for a head under the caption, "Everyone: damn it sucks that summer is ending"
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  • 2
    Meme of Adam Devine wanting to rip the fat off of his stomach
  • 3
    Snapchat where someone put a G and Y in front of the McDonald's 'M' to make it spell 'gym'
  • 4
    depressing meme - Text - 8 bowls of cereal before bed く)へ my summer body
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  • 5
    depressing meme - Hair - "This summer I'm going to be productive, 'll go hiking, catch up with old friends, maybe travel" Me 2 months into summer: @PabioPiqasso alazyblackgirl
  • 6
    depressing meme - Cartoon - "Aw,I'm going to miss the whole summer "Dontworry, boy. When you get a job like me, you'll miss every summer.
  • 7
    depressing meme - Text - It's not even Summer and I already have a tan Sin COS
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  • 8
    depressing meme - Face - How it feels wearing makeup in the summer
  • 9
    depressing meme - Vacation - Summer body goal vs how it's looking right now
  • 10
    depressing meme - Canidae - Ragen @RagenEggert summer lovin, happened so fast summer lovin, he scream at own ass
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  • 11
    depressing meme - Photo caption - When my mom refuses to put on the air conditioner. 42 Be a lot cooler if you did
  • 12
    depressing meme - Text - Sleeping in the summer be like m hotand cold atthe same time. @comfysweaters He needs more blankets, and he needs less blankets.
  • 13
    depressing meme - Orangutan - HOW I FEEL WHENITRY ON BATHING SUITS
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  • 14
    depressing meme - Lawn - Parents: you should volunteer this summer Me: @dabmoms FREE METAL
  • 15
    depressing meme - Text - when you thought u had seasonal depression but it goes from winter to summer and ur still depressed af
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