An Inspiring Teen Has Saved Six Lives By Posting Inspiring Notes On a Suicide Bridge

Paige Hunter is an 18-year-old Brit receiving astounding praise for her efforts in saving as many as six lives through the heartfelt notes she's been leaving on Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland, England. 

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    Paige has written more than 40 heartfelt notes and attached them to the railings of the Wearmouth Bridge, in Sunderland, in a bid to offer support to people facing a mental health crisis.

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    Her efforts caught the attention of local police who invited the caring teen back to the bridge for a special presentation last week

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    Chief Supt Sarah Pitt, of Northumbria Police, presented her with a framed commendation certificate on behalf of the force to recognize her selfless acts.

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    “We thought it was important to applaud the work Paige has been doing and the help she has given those in Sunderland who are going through a mental health crisis,” said Chief Supt Pitt.

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    "Paige has shown an incredible understanding of vulnerable people in need of support, and this is an innovative way to reach out to those in a dark place. For somebody so young, Paige has shown a real maturity and we thought it would only be right to thank her personally. She should be very proud of herself. It is important that we encourage people to speak out and raise awareness of mental health issues and the impact on peoples' lives."

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    Here are some of the incredible notes she has attached to the bridge:

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