25 Things That Look Like Delicious Foods but Aren't

  • 1

    Forbidden Biscuits

    meme about wood chips that appear to be biscuits
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  • 2

    Forbidden Pringles

    meme image that looks like pringles
  • 3

    Forbidden Chocolate Coin

    meme about chlorine tester that looks like a chocolate covered coin
  • 4

    Forbidden Pork Skin

    meme of a stone that looks like pork skin
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  • 5

    Forbidden Perfectly Cooked Marshmallow

    meme of a sponge that looks like a marshmellow
  • 6

    Forbidden Lemon Pie

    meme of a citronella candle that looks like a lemon pie
  • 7

    Forbidden Ice Cream Cup with Chocolate Sauce

    meme of a frog that looks like an ice cream cup with chocolate sauce
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  • 8

    Forbidden Gummies

    meme image of plastic colorful balls that looks like gummies
  • 9

    Forbidden Brownie

    meme of a piece of sandalwood that looks like a brownie
  • 10

    Forbidden Pastry with Jam

    meme of a mineral cluster that looks like a pastry with jam
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  • 11

    Forbidden Giant Popcorn

    meme of mushrooms scattered across the grass that look like pieces of popcorn
  • 12

    Forbidden Watermelon

    meme of mountains and grass that look like a piece of watermelon due to the color scheme
  • 13

    Forbidden Burrito

    meme of a crystal that looks like a burrito
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  • 14

    Forbidden Scoop Of Ice Cream in a Bowl

    meme of a planet that looks like a scoop of ice cream
  • 15

    Forbidden Peppered Salmon Filet

    meme of a rock that looks like a salmon fillet
  • 16

    Forbidden Kraft Singles

    meme of a yellow square paper that looks like Kraft singles
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  • 17

    Forbidden Gatorade

    meme of green slime that looks like Gatorade
  • 18

    Forbidden Fried Chicken

    meme of kittens in a box that look like fried chicken
  • 19

    Forbidden Strawberry

    meme of bees clustered together into a strawberry shape
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  • 20

    Forbidden Popsicle

    meme of a stick deodorant that appears to be a Popsicle
  • 21

    Forbidden Twizzler Spool

    meme of red yarn that looks like a roll of twizzlers
  • 22

    Forbidden Oreos

    meme image of furniture grippers that looks like oreos
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  • 23

    Forbidden Spiral Noodles

    meme of paint shavings that looks like spiral noodles
  • 24

    Forbidden Corndog

    meme of a metal rod that looks like a corn dog
  • 25

    Forbidden Burger

    meme image that appears to be a burger patty
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