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Send Off of the Day: Republicans and Democrats Rejoince as Congress Loses Its Boehner

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    Rep. John Boehner announced his resignation Sept. 25

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    There was much rejoicing

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    Marco Rubio pulled in a huge swell of applause from a gathering of Republican voters for mentioning it

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    And the news sent Trevor Noah and 'The Daily Show' writers scrambling away from an interview

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    Business Insider says they were in the middle of an interview with the new host of the Daily Show:
    "I'm sorry, we have to go right now," Noah joked, without skipping a beat, after hearing the news.

    The new host then added, "That's sad. I liked him. He always cried."

    It was then that one of the producers let it slip that they had "really funny" jokes about Boehner planned for the upcoming premiere episode on Monday.

    Since Noah's first show is on Sept. 28, they gotta keep those jokes fresh.
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    Many have talked about (joked hard on) his emotional response to the Pope's Sept. 24 visit

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    When Anthony Weiner makes a joke on you, you know your star has fallen

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    Really, all of Twitter just had a go

    My personal favorite:

    And so goes the nature of politics. Surely everything will move towards everyone's favor now.


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