9 of the Strangest, Sexiest, Deadpooliest Moments

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    Don't You Want to Break Off a Piece?

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    Ok, so maybe this isn't sexy, unless you're really into limb regeneration, but just imagine picking up a piece of Deadpool and taking it home to snuggle with.
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    Look At Him Suckin' on That Straw, Looking All Tumory

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    It's a known fact that his tumors get all excited when he drinks blue raspberry smoothies.
  • 3

    Get Those Peepers Peeping

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    You know what makes any intimate situation better? Knowing that Deadpool is watching you. That's what.
  • 4

    How Did Hulk Steal His Clothes?

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    Ok, how stretchy is Deadpool's suit? Because that's ridiculous. Also, it's nice to know Deadpool goes commando under his suit.
  • 5

    Too Much To Handle

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    If there's one guy who'll throw caution to the wind for a night with Rogue it's... well it's a whole bunch of guys in the marvel universe, but still Deadpool is probably on that list.
  • 6

    Well, If it Isn't Mr. Randy Monkey

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    To be fair I'm surprised he hasn't answered to Randy Monkey before.
  • 7

    He Knows What Young (Possibly Evil) Boys Want

    Cheezburger Image 6920209920
    You wouldn't expect ol' DP to be giving a heart to heart talk, but you would expect that he'd end it with newdie mags.
  • 8

    You Just Want to See His Bottom Wiggle

    And what a delightful rump it is. Romp, I mean ROMP...
  • 9

    Now That's a Man Who's Comfortable Without Pants

    Cheezburger Image 6464410624
    Deadpool is so much sexier than Jean Grey, in fact, he's so sexy that I am unable to look away from this image. Someone, please get help.


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