Check Out This Compilation Of Entries To This Year's Friskies Awards!

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This year's categories were res-cute (stories of adoption), funny, epic and strange. Check out all the winners!

Funny: Cat vs. Flipflop starring Buddy; Palm Coast, FL Buddy likes order in the house and when he sees something unfamiliar, he gets quite curious. In this playful video, Buddy is exploring a strange object on the floor and becomes the ultimate scardey cat!

Res-cute: Cat and Baby Play Peekaboo starring Howie; Liverpool, OH In this absolutely adorable video, Howie plays a game of peekaboo with baby Joy. A cute cat coupled with a cute baby is impossible to beat!

Epic: How Bob Gets His Exercise starring Bob; Atlanta, GA Bob enjoys getting his exercise in a unique way. The technique and speed with which he chases his tail is really impressive. Maybe he's practicing to be a break dancer?

Strange: Dumpster Kitty starring Cole and Marmalade; Tampa, FL In this peculiar video, Marmalade puts on disappearing act for Cole. Mesmerized, Cole is left wondering where his feline friend goes!

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