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These 10 Comics Show That Florida Man is One Of The Weirdest Superheroes Out There

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    Something is Fishy About This Encounter

    Cartoon - Florida Man Following FloridaMan Florida Man Assaults Quadriplegic With A Fish thecollaredsheep.com/florida-man-as MANDATORY.cOm
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  • 2

    Son of Florida Man is Sure to Carry on the Family Tradition

    Cartoon - I think we shodd see other Ppl. Following Florida Man @_FloridaMan Florida Man Brought 14-Year-Old Son To Torch Ex-Girlfriend's Car After She Broke Up With Him Via Text Message MANDATORY.cOm
  • 3

    Is Kool-Aid Man From Florida?

    Cartoon - Jail Jail Thoap Themp Joil Thop The mp O yeeh Florida Man @FloridaMan Following Florida Man Too Fat For Jail MANDATORY.cOm
  • 4

    Typical Weeknight Activity to Charge The Ol' JO Crystals

    Cartoon - Fap Fap Fng Fap Following Florida Man aFlondattan Naked Florida Man Jumps Off Roof Onto Homeowner, Knocks Television Over, Empties Vacuum Cleaner Masturbates MANDATORY.cOm
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  • 5

    Cooking Tips From Florida Man

    Cartoon - P- 4 Florida Man Following FloridaMan Woman Injured After Bullet Left Inside Oven By Florida Man Explodes | bit.ly/XmYuEr MANDATORY.cOm
  • 6

    What a Knockout

    Cartoon - knock knock Elorida Man Fondaan Following Florida Man Knocks On Woman's Door At 3am, Punches Her In The Face And Runs Away bit.ly/YBuBjv MANDATORY.com
  • 7

    How Else Would Florida Man Sustain His Energy?

    Green - DAD REX DAD REX Snort OD DD Florida Man Following FloridaMan Florida Man Accused Of Stealing And Snorting Human And Dog Ashes | fxn.ws/ZokZ6M MANDATORY.COm
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  • 8

    Everyone Has Their Methods of Dealing With Gentrification

    Cartoon - ! Florida Man Following FloridaMan Police Arrest Ketchup-Covered Florida Man Yelling Profanities At Tourists While Sprawled In The Middle Of The Street | MANDATORY.com
  • 9

    The Perfect Crime

    Cartoon - Pizza Hot பா Cheese Cabinct Florida Man Following nondaan Barefoot Florida Man Steals Two Cases Of Mozzarella From Pizza Hut complex.com/city-guide/201. MANDATORY.cOm 80
  • 10

    Let This Be a Lesson to Never Steal Corn Dogs From a Floridian

    Cartoon - Corn Corn Dog Florida Man Following FlondaMan Florida Man Kills Roommate Over Missing Corn Dog miamiherald.com/2012/11/28/31... MANDATORY.COom


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