Ye Olde Old Renfair Wedding

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By Steven Daggs
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The bride did not see her gown 'til the morning of the wedding - she was blindfolded for all of the fittings. The groom designed and handmade the the bride's, MOTB's, MOTG's, most of the bridesmaid's gowns, and the all but two of the men's outfits as well. The bride and groom met while employed at the PA Ren Faire, where he bribed her into dating him by making a gown for her to wear to her sorority formal. The rest is, as they say, history.

I can't tell if this is a vintage picture of a renaissance fair wedding or a modern one on Instagram... AM I LOSING MY INTERNET POWERS? Panicked introspection aside, I love the subtle ruffles on the bride's collar. Elizabethian without being too virgin queen, if you get my drift.

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