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Lunch Rush: This edition brought to you by Pineapple Zombie.

What else?

  • TDW Geek: Pokemon in the style of Tim Burton will blow your mind
  • Creepy: The George W. Bush Presidential Museum will play 9/11 on a loop
  • Ridic: Joel Tenenbaum is on the hook for $675,000 for illegally distributing 31 songs on Kazaa
  • Lame: The White House will release its beer recipe, but only if 25,000 sign an online petition
  • RIP: Jerry Nelson, the voice of the Count and a gazillion other muppets
  • Oh, Really: A new study finds that women who regularly have unprotected sex are heathier and happier

Lunch Lady: Ashleigh Snow

Lunch Leisure: Think Tank (via)

Lunch List: The 40 Best Tumblr Pics And GIFs From 1994

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