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Adopted a Dog Or a Cat ? If Your'e Working At This Minneapolis Company, You'll Enjoy "Fur-ternity Leave"

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    In May, Connor McCarthy welcomed the newest addition to his family: Bentley, a two-month-old Goldendoodle.

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    McCarthy got to stay home and watch over the puppy thanks to his company's new "fur-ternity leave."

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    Nina Hale, a Minneapolis digital marketing company, offers employees one week of flexible hours to care for new pets.

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    McCarthy and his girlfriend had been planning to adopt a puppy and knew that the first week was critical to the puppy-person bonding period. So he asked his supervisor for flexible hours. His request was approved in a day.

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    The new policy became an official company benefit in July.

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    "Nina Hale leadership had heard from team members that this specific benefit would help increase work-life happiness, which for Nina Hale, is a huge part of their employee culture," said Amber Schwab, senior specialist of client development and marketing to Miami Herald. "While Nina Hale proudly offers other top-notch modern benefits, including employee ownership, remote working flexibility, and a sunny new office with a free gym, fur-ternity leave was embraced as a new benefit because they noticed a growing trend in new pet-ownership within the agency family over the last year."

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    More than ever, companies across the country are offering new benefits to enhance work-life balance and retain employees.

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    Still, it's rare to see perks when it comes to pets. According to the New York Times, an Italian company allowed a woman last year to take paid time off when her dog became sick. And employees at mParticle, a data company in New York, are offered "paw-ternity leave" — two weeks of paid time off for those who adopt a rescue dog or get an exotic pet, such as an iguana.


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