Happy Back to the Future Day!

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    Today's the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to in Back to the Future II to save his future-children. There were supposed to be flying cars and hoverboards, but the future isn't quite as futuristic as the film predicted.
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    The Queensland, Australia Police posted a photo of themselves photoshopped onto hoverboards in honor of the day. If only that's what 2015's police really looked like.
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    Yeah, sure, there are some companies with some thing that vaguely resembles an actual, working hoverboard, but these 'swegways' all the kids are riding are the closest we have to a publicly available, usable hoverboard. 2015 sucks.
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    If the future really was like what the movie predicted, it might look a little like this

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    But hey, 2015's not all bad!

    Doc Brown dropped by to remind us that the future is still to be written. Thanks, Doc!
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    If you're bummed that 2015 didn't work out the way Back to the Future predicted...

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    there's always The Running Man!
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    Just pray they don't decide to remake Back to the Future

    As clever as this parody trailer is, a new Back to the Future would be terrible.
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    And hey, if we're being honest, it wasn't a perfect series to begin with


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