13 Former Anti-Vaxxers Reveal Why They Stopped Drinking The Kool-Aid

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    Text - OutsideCase 1 2.1K 14h Using a throwaway because last time I answered this kind of question on my account I got a lot of hateful PMs for months even after deleting my comment. My youngest was developing normally. We got the MMR vaccine and he started to "regress." Things he was once doing he wasn't doing anymore and he basically halted in development. It was like he stopped moving forward. I had no explanation for this until he was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He's on the high function
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    Text - When my youngest was 3 and my twins were 5 decided that I wasn't going to vaccinate them anymore. I didn't want to cause anymore damage to my kids. After about 4 years I realized that Wakefield was a fraud and wasn't the whistleblower I thought he was. My kids have been caught up on their vaccinations and all of them are doing great.
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    Text - 11h cptnsaltypants 11.6K Former antivaxer here. When my son was 11 the school strongly encouraged me to get my son medication for adhd. I decided to take their advice (advice I had been ignoring for years) In less than three weeks he was out of the resource room and back in regular classes. Until then he had special education. I felt such guilt and regret that I denied him a normal life due to being ignorant. That summer I got him all caught up on his vaccines as well-l wasn't going to pl
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    Text - YIKES2722 1 746 16h I wasn't a true "anti-vaxxer" but because my first child has Autism, we chose to space out my second child's immunizations. He just got them on a slightly slower schedule, and he was fully vaxxed by the time he started pre-K at age 3. I want to be clear that I never, ever ever ever believed that vaccines caused Autism. My son showed signs before he even got his MMR. Still, this was in the early 2000s, during the height of the 'vaccines cause Autism' nonsense, you could
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    Text - outcastbirds 1 641 12h I was raised by anti-vaxxers (one parent was anti for religious reasons, the other was into alternative medicine and thought it should be a choice). The point that convinced me was heard immunity and framing it as my responsibility to be vaccinated in order to help protect those who couldn't. I never thought vaccines caused autism, most of the anti-vaxxers I know don't, so the science supporting that was inappreciable. Slightly off topic, I'm not actually vaccinated
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    Text - birdnerd_ 263 13h Don't know if this counts, but I wasn't vaccinated until I was 12-13. I think my parents were afraid of the supposed "risks," as well as coming from a political background that doesn't like government- mandated things. Thankfully they eventually got us all vaccinated once my oldest sibling went to college (where vaccines were mandatory). I changed my mind on vaccines once I got my biology degree and saw 1) that the MMR/autism study was completely false and 2) how immunol
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    Text - rubbersoulelena 1 116 14h Oof, let's see. I never believed vaccines caused autism or anything extreme, but had only seen "evidence" about the different chemical components and their supposed negative effects on people on different pages follow. (I'm big into conspiracies and all that so I follow a few people who were pushing this mindset.) believed that I probably wasn't going to vaccinate my kids in the far future when I actually had them. But after having conversations with different pe
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    Text - throwawaycausewtf700 121 12h Realized my parents vaccinated me(25yr old) and I turned out just fine. No health problems, no developmental problems and no mental problems.
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    Text - PandeanPanic 172 9h Ooh, finally something specificI can answer: ​ Okay, so for me, I think some context is needed I'm an agnostic pagan so I have a lot of friends all over the spectrum of beliefs and in general being active in the more paranormal community ended with me getting know some people with *other* beliefs too. In no way am I say pagans/etc. are anti-vax or anything, however. ​ During the time I was anti-vax I was very sick. I wasn't keeping down food and had no de
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    Text - ​ I have autism which was something they latched onto to telling me what was causing it and my sickness and 'Big Pharma' stuff and the whole shebang. I'd like to say that the community itself is very manipulative. Looking back, I remember people telling me if I didn't accept that Big Pharma had fucked me up and that my life would be subpar because of them then I was delusional. ​ What broke me out of it? After three years of being hardcore anti-vax/anti-doctor/anti-meds, etc
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    Text - J-Dawg1689 1 62 11h Personally think the only reason I was ever an anti-vaxer is because my mother was. I grew up thinking it was just completely normal for people to never get vaccinated. My mother swears by her belief that getting a vaccination can not only give you some weird disease, but flat out kill you by giving a more powerful version of that disease. I never gotnone with my dad either (they never got married or stayed together, two different households), but I'm not really sure w
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    Text - m4dch3mist 153 11h I was an antivaxxer due to a reaction I had to a vaccine. After my second pertussis injection I wound up with a 105 fever and was hospitalized At that point forward I stopped getting vaccines, at that age I was pretty much done anyways (early teen). When I read into herd immunity and started seeing a revival of mumps and whooping cough, I sucked it up and went to get my last one of the group. By this time, it was all wrapped into the tetanus shot, so I got that done. It
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    Text - no-thingwo-man 142 When I was pregnant many moons ago I read a lot of blogs, magazines, and news articles and tried to stay informed. I guess my logic was shit back then, because I thought that we didn't need vaccines anymore. Also, I tried to do natural things, natural birth, breastfeeding, organic food, homemade baby food, etc. I was honestly just misinformed 12h However, my baby got all of their vaccines on the appropriate schedule and I made that decision, at that time, because we wer
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    Text - JamesandtheGiantAss 16 11h That's what I was told growing up so I believed it. Adults told me random "facts" like, "Japan had really low SIDS levels until they started vaccinations and now it's high, like the US." I assumed they were true and didn't really think about it until later teens. I started to try to research it for myself. There was an older woman I really looked up to, well educated, generally reasonable, balanced person who was anti vax, so I asked her for recommendations on m
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    Text - DCPirate16 1 3 3h I had a baby. I still won't get any flu shots or pneumonia shots myself, but I don't want to subject my daughter to any diseases because of my beliefs
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    Text - BrienneCroute 13 2h A doctor took the time to nicely and compassionately reassure me that it was not going to harm my child. Instead of talking down to me like I was stupid, she came from a place of loving kindness and realized my fear child getting hurt.


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