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This Women Makes $50,000 a Year Making Luxury Clothing For Chickens

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    In 2010, shortly after seeing a YouTube video of a chicken wearing what looks like a tiny diaper, New Hampshire resident Julie Baker and her daughter started making clothes for their pet chicken.

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    Fast forward to today, their hobby has turned into a business generating about US$50,000 (AUS$67,650) a year.

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    “Everyone wanted to know where we got them — and the orders started rolling in,” she told The Outline.

     "I have a lot of customers that keep their chickens in the house full-time, and they love the diapers."

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    If you’re confused by all this, don’t worry, we are too. Apparently, raising chickens in urban settings is on the rise.

    In fact, nearly one percent of all households in cities like NYC and LA raise chickens as pets.

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    This is where Baker’s Pampered Poultry comes in. They’re one of several companies who cater to the luxury chicken pet market selling anything from diapers to feather guards to even dresses and sweaters.

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    The machine-washable diapers, to be specific, are fastened over the bird’s tail feathers, and with the help of a paper towel, keep things nice and clean.

    Baker currently sells around 500 to 1,000 diapers at US$18 (AUS$24) each every month. Her chicken dresses, meanwhile, comprise 10 percent of her business, amounting to 100 dresses sold every month. Not bad for something that only started out as a personal project.


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