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Heartbreaking Tearjerker kid cat Letter To The Editor - 6658932992
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"Grown-ups killed my kitty, my best friend," begins 8-year-old Rayden Sazama's letter to his local newspaper:

My kitty's name is Toothless. ... Last week he didn't come in at night. ...

On Wednesday after work my dad went to the animal shelter as it was closing. ... They let my dad in to look at the cages, and there was Toothless! ... The lady at the shelter said it would be OK and told him to come back the next day and we could get Toothless. ...

My dad went back the next day to get our kitty and they told him they didn't have any long-haired black cats. ... The same lady that told my dad to come back the next day said she was sorry. She had forgotten to leave a note to tell the people my dad would be there for Toothless and they had just killed my cat that morning. She had just forgotten to write a note to save a member of my family. They killed him and I don't know why. ...

Now I don't know what to do. My cat Toothless is dead; the people that killed him didn't even give him to my dad so we could bury him. What do I do now?

Rayden Sazama

Poor lil' Rayden. Read the letter in its devastating entirety here.

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