Goggie ob teh Week FACE OFF: Papillon vs. Maltese

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Tyme 2 pick da nu Goggie ob teh Week! Lern moar bout dese breedz by reedin undr teh poll!

Fun fakts about teh Papillon: "The Papillon (from the French word for butterfly), also called the Continental Toy Spaniel, is a breed of dog of the Spaniel type. One of the oldest of the toy spaniels, it derives its name from its characteristic butterfly-like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears."

Fun fakts about teh Maltese: "The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the toy group. It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area."

Plz vote in teh poll, share dis post on Facebook, and leev comments on dis post! Chek bak on Monday 2 see who won!

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