Dogs Everywhere Honor Diesel, the French Police Dog Killed in Paris Raid Against Terrorists

Diesel was a French police dog that gave her life to protect others during a raid that targeted the man suspected to be behind the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. French police honored her memory in a Tweet and now several dog owners on social media have followed suit.

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    This is Diesel

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    Dog Owners on Social Media Have Started Posting Pictures of Their Own Dogs in Support

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    Via @TOMADJE

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    This Began With the Hashtag #JeSuisChien

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    It Means "I Am Dog"

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    Then the Trend Became More Specific

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    Via @minkyv23

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    Dog Owners Started Using the Hashtag #JeSuisDiesel

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    These Twitter Users Want to Make Sure That Hero Animals Like Diesel Aren't Overlooked or Forgotten

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    They Are Using the Hastag to Show Support of Service Dogs All Over

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    As Well as Solidarity With Those That Were Lost

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