14 Enlightened Shower Thoughts To Open Your Eyes To A Whole New World

  • 1
    Deciduous - It's a good thing decaying plants dont smell ke rotting Corpses or Fall would be traumatizing
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  • 2
    Bird - Swallowing has a cooldown.
  • 3
    Computer keyboard - 2 \Tabisjust,a capital-space. command option
  • 4
    Polar ice cap - Antarctica is more suitable for life than Mars out we haven t colonizeait yet..
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  • 5
    Text - ABC Going to school is like downloading a 100GB update at 5Kbps.
  • 6
    Technology - The robot uprising isa little less scary knowingtechnology these days is oesigned to break after 1or 2years.
  • 7
    Text - It feels like Kanye is just testing how low quality he can make his music while still getting people to listen to it
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  • 8
    Food - Baking bread basically involves creating a rich and warm environment for a species to thrive and then initiating a mass extinction event
  • 9
    Chessboard - Checkers is like chess after the pawns overthrew the monarchy
  • 10
    Text - We think elderly drivers are bad now. Wait till we have elderly drivers that also know how to use smart phones..
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  • 11
    Stained glass - Churches are just book clubs that hever switch books.
  • 12
    Dish - When you eat a bunch ofa foreign food and your gas smells different it's like farting in another language
  • 13
    Insect - Crickets are really loud for something that gets eaten by everything
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  • 14
    Text - Women are shamed for not shaving hair that grows naturally while men are shamed for losing hair naturally


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