I Can Has Cheezburger?

Aussies Are Tweeting The Funniest Things About Their Animals

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    Text - wheels Follow @wheelswordsmith australia really needs to invent a shazam for spiders so i can tell if this thing on the wall is a daddy longlegs or a bitey deathmaker 3000 3:08 AM 23 Jan 2018 2,812 Retweets 11,572 Likes
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    wombat - Tim Stewart Follow @TStew777 every photo of an uncle in anyones 21st bday party album 11:01 PM - 6 Sep 2018 19 Retweets 284 Likes
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    Wildlife - mike Follow @boy_from_school australia is a very sexy continent 3:49 PM - 11 Jan 2018 23,419 Retweets 31,332 Likes
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    Text - abraham bloodshack A- Follow @pleasedontatme there is nothing any other city could ever do to top the sydney seal riding a fucking whale 1:13 AM - 16 Sep 2015 244 Retweets 306 Likes
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    Vehicle - David Alexander Follow @davidFalexander Americans: "OMG do you Ozzies have like kangaroos hopping around your city streets??" Australians to other Australians: *following epic eye rolling* "Can you believe how stupid Americans are?" Wallaby: "Hold my joey." Wallaby hops along Sydney Harbour Bridge, surprising motorists abc.net.au/news/2018-01-1...
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    Text - Alicia Scaffidi Follow @aliciascaffidi He's having a laugh surely? KCOKABURRAST ST LYRE 7:49 PM -21 Sep 2018 677 Retweets 3,549 Likes
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    Horse - John B Follow @johnb78 No you bloody idiots, look at its legs The Sydney Morning herald s00 Mondy Mach 20 200 oM Imh.com.au ews webwite of the year INDEPENDEN ALWAYS. Fnst pabhed Ms Can this horse walk on water? Champlons shouldbe enjoyed not compared: Bart Cummings decreed. But Winx even in the elite category, is exceptional Max Presnell-SportsDay T ride Ben Cedenwth Wa in Boty By Sund o r te George rdSas at Phto K ty 11:55 AM 19 Mar 2017 661 Retweets 1,341 Likes
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    Text - nina oyama Follow @ninaoyama in my high school there was a Horse Girl called Zoe who had a boyfriend called Dom and also a horse named Dom & literally everyday she would joke "So i was riding Dom the other day...not THAT Dom LOL!" anyway she writes for mamamia now and honestly everything makes so much sense 12:36 AM - 23 Sep 2018 52 Retweets 799 Likes
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    Giraffe - Mitch Feltscheer Follow @mitchfel "Healthy Harold? Mate I haven't heard that name in years." 2:29 AM -30 May 2017 43 Retweets 87 Likes
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    Parrot - Gina Rushton Follow @ginarush Same White Cockatoo $550 9Orange, New South Wales Has a good vocabulary and swears but is unsure of men. Regretful sale 12:06 AM - 16 Nov 2016 848 Retweets 1,431 Likes
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    Text - Stephanie Marie Follow @stefinitely85 somewhere nearby is a party full of exasperated raccoons like 'where's stacey gone now, she shouldn't drink gin.' 7:39 PM -3 Feb 2016 938 Retweets 1,751 Likes
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    Polar bear - Bec Shaw Follow @Brocklesnitch I've found it. The most amazing 'what about men' of all time. World on the Gold Coast is celebrating with their adorable 10-month-old cub Mishka. LIVE 7.24 BRI 28 yahoo7.com.au/sunrise Video Powered by SnappyTV 12:30 PM - 26 Feb 2018


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