The 8 Best and Worst Things We Know About Batman V Superman so Far

The second trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman is out, and it's full of exciting moments. Here are the eight most interesting things we've learned about the movie so far, both good and bad:

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    Good: Bruce Wayne is a master of shade

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    The second trailer gave us a tense conversation between Bats and Supes, during which Batman threw some excellent shade and a pointed once-over. Something tells me Clark Kent won't be winning any of the verbal battles.

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    Good: Jimmy Olsen might be in it

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    This guy might just be a random photographer, but he's got the reddish hair and is already getting chummy with Clark. Making this guy Jimmy Olsen would be a great way to bring in the classic character.

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    Good: Wonder Woman is nobody's sidekick

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    When Gal Godot shows up, Batfleck and Superman share this exchange:

    "Is she with you?"
    "I thought she was with you."

    Wonder Woman doesn't need those boys to tell her where to be, tyvm!

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    Bad: Jason Momoa hasn't been in any of the trailers so far

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    WHERE IS AQUAMAN?!?!?!?!??!

    If these trailers are to be believed, Aquaman isn't going to be in the movie very much, and that's a damn shame. But hey, maybe he's the only thing Zack Snyder is trying to keep quiet at this point; the trailers have basically revealed the whole plot.

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    Good: Darkseid's minions are in it

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    The weird flying soldiers seen in the latest trailer are called Parademons, and they're the minions of the DC villain Darkseid. With any luck, he'll be the big bad in the Justice League.

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    Good: Doomsday's in it

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    It looks like Lex Luthor uses Zod's corpse to create classic villain Doomsday, who must serve as the catalyst that brings Batman and Superman together.

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    Bad: he looks like a Ninja Turtle with some Kaiju thrown in for good measure

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    Unfortunately, Doomsday looks...well, terrible. Comparisons include Ninja Turtles, the cave troll from LOTR, and Abomination from The Incredible Hulk.

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    Worst: Lex Luthor's hair still looks like garbage

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    I thought maybe it was just the first trailer. Maybe Lex was wearing a bad wig to cover up his baldness for some reason. Unfortunately, his terrible hair has continued to haunt us in the second trailer, so it looks like that mop has a good amount of screen time.

    What interesting things have you noticed about Batman v Superman? Are you excited to see the movie?
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