37 Funny Random Memes And Tweets That'll Make Your Abs Sore

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    Caption that reads, "I have got to be the dumbest guy ever" above a text conversation where OP says, "Who disss" and someone replies, "We were looking for Jonathan regarding a potential job interview. Thank you."
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    Caption that reads, "This is Sid. He got famous a few years ago for holding a piece of pizza. Wanted to let everyone know he's still thriving. 14/10 for the puperoni legend"
  • 3
    Tweet that reads, "I deadass be trying to take 2-3 minute naps in the morning, alarm goes off at 7:35 and I'm like 'Shii I'll get up at 7:38'"
  • 4
    funny meme - Material property - Abby Dermody @abbydermody went to class today really thinking i had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter
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  • 5
    funny meme - Boating - All that beautiful scenery and doggie still just wants to look at you
  • 6
    funny meme - Text - Dea Poirier @deapoirierbooks Ihave a new favorite conspiracy theory BIRDS AREN'T REAL Wake up, California! GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE DRONE O
  • 7
    funny meme - Floor - Lucee @Lucee2727 Yall see some?????
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  • 8
    funny meme - Baseball player - Pitchers duel BURR 61 HAMILTON 63 G DE
  • 9
    funny meme - Fictional character - HalloQueen @AVibeCalledMel Almost had me thinking VHS was making a comeback HUNCHBACK NoTRE DAME EION KING ACTDISNEP CLASYE RCULES OH DIS ry OaE VIDEO H MY NE
  • 10
    funny meme - Text - Young Kid yelling at her Dad: "I don't want to save up for college. I want to go ice skating with that money why don't you understand that?" Coverheardnewyork
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  • 11
    funny meme - Text - Wonder Bread @JoeyDG54 Something bad happens* Me: "oh boy" Someone drinking LaCroix: "oh boix"
  • 12
    funny meme - Clothing - #nofilter #filter
  • 13
    funny meme - People - Britney @Britneylucas_ Can't get over how cute my baby nieces are!!
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  • 14
    funny meme - Text - Teenage Girl talking to Tarot Card Reader: "Will I fall in love one day and get married?" "Yes." "Will he be handsome? "No." Coverheardla
  • 15
    funny meme - Text - Ami @shine_with_love People who are allergic to peanuts: I can't, it'll kill me People who are allergic to gluten: I can't, it'll wreck my body People who are lactose intolerant: Humans cannot achieve immortality anyway and life not lived to the fullest is no life at all, hand me a gallon of milk 10/7/18, 11:21 PM
  • 16
    funny meme - Table - Jon Follow @hippy_jon Anyone know anything about drones? Bought this off some bloke and I cannot get it started
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  • 17
    funny meme - Text - Guy asking girl out: "Wanna grab a healthy dinner with me tonight?" Girl: "Yeah sure, where? I just can't eat grains...or sugar...or dairy...or legumes." Guy: "Never mind." @overheardmarinasf
  • 18
    funny meme - Text - Benton @Bentono10 So today I was lookin at a girl bcuz she had a piece of lettuce in her hair & she looks at me and said "I have a boyfriend" ok lettuce head
  • 19
    funny meme - Hair - When you're watching House Hunters and the husband is a dog walker and the wife is a goat yoga instructor and their budget is $750,000 @lucyontheground
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  • 20
    funny meme - Text - em @emcrebbs if i get married i'm going to refer to my husband as "my first husband" to remind him that he is easy to replace
  • 21
    funny meme - Text - "Having a podcast is this generation's lower-back tattoo." Coverheardnewyork
  • 22
    funny meme - Text - don Follow @lolzdonz I remember the way I used to get excited whenever I received a letter addressed to me when I was younger but every time I receive one now I think "fing what now"
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  • 23
    funny meme - Pink - Aarin The Shark @AarinTheShark remembered the time that I wanted to dress as "cotton candy" for Halloween and handmade my costume
  • 24
    funny meme - Text - leen /JESUS SAID STREAM TREN... @softedhearts brown eyes are so fing beautiful.and no i'm not talking about light ass hazel tumblr looking eyes, i mean actual dark brown eyes that sometimes are so dark that they blend in with the pupils. everyone talks about green and blue eyes but tbh brown eyes are just as captivating
  • 25
    funny meme - Text - lil arab @sweatyhairy tall dudes really just walk around like
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  • 26
    funny meme - Text - bad knee lee @nottlee Why can't boys prom o Verizon C O 24% 11:41 AM Back (2) Lukeeeee Details Today 10:34 AM Yoo ur gonna have to come over soon to pick out the croissant for prom Today 11:38 AM The what Delivered The croissant
  • 27
    funny meme - Text - Shafeeq Follow @Y2SHAF whenever my mum asks me how much i paid for something, i reduce the price by 50% of the actual price 12:57 PM 7 Oct 2018
  • 28
    funny meme - Orange - @gwensnyderPHL I'm at a wedding and they went with a Gritty cake, so rest assured that there is ONE thing in this universe that isn't garbage trash a bag of ROUBL
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  • 29
    funny meme - Text - J @JasonStraffen15 dude imagine being a bug and accidentally getting stuck in a car and driving far af away from everything you know
  • 30
    funny meme - Text - Sonder's Son Follow @VVincent99 I hate when lecturers tell jokes like bro this isn't live at the Apollo just tell me what I need to know so I can leave 8:39 AM 9 Oct 2018
  • 31
    funny meme - Text - Erik Cooper Follow @erikcooper I'm not even sure what this means, but I hear they're good with maple scones. #churchsigns Emmanuel Apostolic H U R H Pastor MARK A ABERNATHY NOW FOR A LIMITED PUMPKIN TIME! WEIDA'S ods BIBLES SPICE SERVICES SUNDAY 9:30am & 6:30pm WEDNESDAY 7:30pm UPCI
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  • 32
    funny meme - Text - jb @jbjoebarrett Follow week 3 of uni. still don't understand anything. bag is overflowing with loose paper notes that only half make sense. deadlines are coming on work i havent started and i cant remember the password for my uni account. 5:44 AM 8 Oct 2018
  • 33
    funny meme - Product - Rudy @TweetsbyMont Follow Gentrified restaurant starter pack EAH PAY TO PARK @bytheselights
  • 34
    funny meme - Text - Luenic Luke Follow @luenic I just paid off all my student loans etc. I'm debt free Yeah I cannot wait to tweet that someday. Tweeting it to existence
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  • 35
    funny meme - Text - jess Follow @JessBelll1 how difficult is to stop yourself from writing a petty tweet when you're full on ragin about something bcos it's actually just SOOO tempting
  • 36
    funny meme - Text - Maria DahvanaHeadley H.E Follow @MARIADAHVANA I just read a sign that says "Church of the Living God" as "Church of the Living Dead," so there's that. Hi, October.
  • 37
    funny meme - Text - "Bare Minimum Parenting" comes out in 24 days @XplodingUnicorn I forgot my phone at home on a one-block walk to the store and I have to say it was absolutely liberating. Just kidding. I turned back around and got it 6:10 PM 13 Oct 18


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