37 Miscellaneous Memes That'll Make You Crack A Smile

  • 1
    Jonah Hill tweet that reads, "I feel attacked" above a headline that reads, "Women are happier when their partner is less attractive than they are, says new study"
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  • 2
    Caption that reads, "When someone brings me food without asking" above pics of a cat looking longingly up while sticking out its tongue
  • 3
    Caption that reads, "Twitter: white people don't season their food; Me: Oh really" above a pic of someone pouring sprinkles onto a burger patty
  • 4
    Tweet of Ted Cruz in front of cow made of butter saying his girl's first sentence was "I like butter"
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  • 5
    Tweet about kid replying "that's just my mom" to cougar sighting warning
  • 6
    progression of Pixar movies over the years exploring different things having feelings
  • 7
    Mark Zuckerberg looking shaken at being told his user agreement sucks
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  • 8
    cat meowing in front of blackboard that reads "the cats have been fed, don't listen to their bullshit"
  • 9
    screencap of man and woman explaining what meme is captioned with "when your parents ask why you're smiling at your phone"
  • 10
    Tweet saying "look at this stupid idiot" with pictures of black and white cat sitting in trashcan
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  • 11
    meme about the girl with highlighters and colored pens saying she failed test but ending up getting 100
  • 12
    fennec foxes stacked on top of each other captioned with "when you accidentally click open in new window"
  • 13
    Tumblr post about no one coming from the future to stop you from making bad decision
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  • 14
    checking the no boxes in questionnaire when you should have been checking yes
  • 15
    Cat in the Hat holding a baseball club photoshopped into picture of German infantry in 1917
  • 16
    meme about being shown meme I've already seen with picture of Bradley Cooper in Limitless
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  • 17
    man with tuba over his head wearing fedora hat
  • 18
    astronaut Barry Wilmore tells space horror story to put life on Earth into perspective
  • 19
    picture of normal DNA next to picture of pasta as Italian DNA
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  • 20
    meme about sloths being dumb and grabbing own arms thinking they're tree branches
  • 21
    awkward parrot meme about thinking nice thought about people in case they can read minds
  • 22
    pictures showing cat falling in the gap between the bed and the wall
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  • 23
    Tweet about emotional trauma causing young people to grow up fast and act mature for their age
  • 24
    Tweet about humans being violent even before video games with picture of Morgan Freeman pointing up in agreement
  • 25
    old gaming magazine showing the big names in the console war of the time with Tumblr thread describing what became of them in the present
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  • 26
    Big Bird's kill streak of children in 1845
  • 27
    Tweet describing junkie being frightened by 4 year old and calling them spooky midget
  • 28
    Tweet describing god creating jellyfish as evil bags
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  • 29
    Tumblr thread about Roman using Roman numerals to order beers
  • 30
    Dash and Violet from the Incredibles grow up to be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from Marvel
  • 31
    white woman dancing awkwardly captioned "when the beat drops and the 3% African comes out"
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  • 32
    aethetic post with the caption "what doesn't kill you gives you a set of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor" over picture of rainy street
  • 33
    informative meme of man discovering most sandwiches don't have sand in them
  • 34
    meme about not being able to repay student loans for getting you through college with picture of Leonardo Dicaprio in The Great Gatsby
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  • 35
    meme about your food exploding in the microwave but still coming out cold with picture of Kanye West looking annoyed
  • 36
    dank meme about teaching man to fish over giving it to him
  • 37
    meme about hoping people forgive you for not understanding after being explained numerous times with picture of dog looking up hopefully


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