Hump-Day, Dump-Day: 50 Memes To Get You Through The Rest Of The Week Smoothly!

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    meme - Face - Me: Damn, I just dropped my pick in my acoustic. Guitar Pick: triplesio
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    meme - Text - slick Follow @dlicj me: (texting boss) we still on for work today? boss: yes. you dont have to text me this every morning. we're "on" for work every day mon-fri 12:12 PM - 14 Apr 2017 t 4,646 15,609
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    meme - Food - "Stop being dramatic, you just stubbed your toe" Me:
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    meme - Text - Jason @longwall26 Our relationship with ants is weird Ants are, like, "Hey, I only want these crumbs, ok?" and we're all, "No you motherfucking will not."
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    meme - Text - kttiens showerthoughtsofficial Shirts are crazy, your body goes in 1 hole and out 3 fruitlupee excuse me
  • 6
    meme - Text - After a long night of Fireball, Axe body spray, roofies, $25 blunts, and extensive "you up?" texts.. the wild pack of Chad's go into hibernation. AKKREBAYERY MEMES
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    meme - Blue - marceline @killmarcie i'm sorry i'm annoying i'll pack my love n go JANSEY LA BAREA AVENUE
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    meme - Text - Me in the streets vs me in the sheets isto Stocks stock Stock IStock 4Stock
  • 9
    meme - Text - o00 Verizon LTE 1:24 PM Yak i have never actually been caught smoking weed but i'm pretty sure my parents know sober people don't give goodnight handshakes 42 SHARE 1 WEEK 1 REPLY
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    meme - Text - Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad A job is more than a paycheck. It's also a place where you cry in the bathroom
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  • 11
    meme - Text - I wish people had a 30 sec trailer so I could see what I'm getting myself into Word Porn
  • 12
    meme - Text - COP: Do u kno why I pulled u over? ME: No sir. *COP shines flashlight into my eyes COP: to brighten ur day :) ME: : COP: :
  • 13
    meme - Text - Jordan Rutledge @JordanRutledge Been on a diet for two weeks and proud to say I lost 14 days of happiness
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    meme - Text - ZS-DAZ @daz_inc_ Ithough Micheal Jackson has to stop whatever he is doing and sing when I play his CD. As a result I never played it at night to give him some family time Umaima Baig @chalokkk What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child?
  • 15
    meme - Text - alyssa @tamaranians Maybe its just the generation z in me but how did people burn CDs? Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it? Frien dty Fat Hottie @TeriAmour There are people alive that don't know how to burn CDs. I'm fucking old.
  • 16
    meme - Cat - Female Problems Follow @femaleproblems find someone that looks at you the way this cat looks at its owner RETWEETS LIKES 802 1,613
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  • 17
    meme - Text - KayK @_KayBaddie might just take 5 Popeyes biscuits to my room with no water and end it all.
  • 18
    meme - Text - Shoot for the moon. If you miss, here's a gentle reminder that the moon's diameter is 3,475km and you could not have fucked this up more
  • 19
    meme - Text - breezy @bree_landry I'll admit my biggest flaw is that I think I'm sober until im blacked out
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  • 20
    meme - People - Today was ranch day at their high |school Bdder Vale Ranc RiddenValley
  • 21
    meme - Text - Bob Vulfov @bobvulfov i didn't come here to make friends [big dumb smile] i came here to make best friends
  • 22
    meme - Text - Matt Bellassai @MattBellassai me: do you ever get sad because some dogs probably need glasses but we'll never know because THEY CANT SAY bank teller: sir this is a bank
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  • 23
    meme - Text - Greenland Iceland Norway Denrk United Kingdom mapsontheweb Greenland is farther east, west, north, and south than Iceland. note-a-bear For some reason I absolutely hate this information
  • 24
    meme - Text - nlck Orzel @Nnck_Orzel Why do girls always have random bruises on their legs Imao y'all like apples
  • 25
    meme - Facial expression - "Yeah I can't come out tonight Super busy." 8 S7
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  • 26
    meme - Text - captainshroom the year is 1888 me, the first palaeontologist to dig up triceratops skull, whispering softly: what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuckkkk Source: captainshroom 118,174 notes
  • 27
    meme - Text - 50cent BERST@50cent Growing up sucks. People aren't nearly as eager to know what my favorite dinosaur is. It's a fucking Gorgosaurus. You don't care. 1105 877 RETWEETS FAVORITES
  • 28
    meme - Product - PLEASE check your children's candy VERY CAREFULLY this Halloween. I found an M4A3E8 Sherman tank in this box of Pocky.
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  • 29
    meme - Text - Friend: did you watch that video I sent you? Me: yes Friend: what was your favorite part? Me: yes MasiPopal
  • 30
    meme - Text - thepenisofdestruction crocadildos Follow Dani @daniiyells *jumps from one emotion to another* parkour 5/15/16, 12:40 AM Source: frightvale #ME 23,611 notes
  • 31
    meme - Text - Lindsay Fuce @lindsay_fuce A haunted house but instead of scary monsters its 15 ppl asking u what u are doing with ur life & who u r marrying oh wait thats thanksgiving
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  • 32
    meme - Text - Dentist: Do you floss? 8 year old boy: HELL YEAH WANNA SEE? Dentist: No, I believe you @tank.sinatra
  • 33
    meme - Text - Tank.Sinatra @GeorgeResch Too hot for Walmart Too ugly for Target
  • 34
    meme - Text - A$ @AdamStobbart Me leaving a pan to soak after cooking knowing I have absolutely no intention washing it EET HSMMK
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  • 35
    meme - Text - JADE @jadejanei Ihate when I lose my car lipgloss because now my purse lipgloss is in my car and my room lipgloss is in my purse. Throws off my whole life dynamic
  • 36
    meme - Text - Shawn @manley_shawn October: let's get that pumpkin bread November: let's get that corn bread December: let's get that ginger bread
  • 37
    meme - Text - enopewle Don't mind if I do |You're Invited To Suffer Join
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  • 38
    meme - Text - Em @emilyeasson I'll admit l've done some questionable things in my time but I've never posted a story to Facebook
  • 39
    meme - Text - brent @murrman5 [wife looking at pictures of my dead body with police] "why isn't he wearing a shirt" we believe he removed it when he challenged the coyote
  • 40
    meme - Text - mar @_uraniax remember when a series of unfortunate events was a book and not your life
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  • 41
    meme - Text - Canada was definitely running out of ideas for street names Hwy 7 That St The Other St urie Ln This St
  • 42
    meme - Text - keely flAHHHHHHHerty @keelyflaherty my body: WHAT DO WE WANT? my brain: SLEEP! my body: WHEN DO WE WANT IT? my brain: AT EITHER 2PM OR 3AM my body: hey wait- my brain: LITERALLY NO OTHER TIME my body: no that's not- my brain: WE ARE UNWILLING TO COMPROMISE
  • 43
    meme - Text - < Tweet kirbs @momtotwo Those 5:00 am kisses from your man are the best....BECAUSE THAT MEANS HE IS LEAVING FOR WORK WHICH MEANS YOU'VE GOT THE BED TO YOURSELF, YOU CAN NOW SPREAD OUT LIKE AN EAGLE AND SLEEP LIKE AN ANGEL
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  • 44
    meme - Text - When you tryna translate your mixtape onto sign language for the deaf kid essIvaHnS
  • 45
    meme - Text - me: why doesn't everyone listen to my favorite band person: i love that band! me: Back off, bitch.
  • 46
    meme - Text - Sarah Perry @SperryComedy All of my bras are front clasp bras and there is no greater joy in my life than seeing the confused look on a man's face who I am about to get intimate with as he reaches behind me to take off my bra and lyell "HAHA you fucking idiot!" and then fly away on my broomstick.
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  • 47
    meme - Text - Hey, I've liked you for a while and I was just wondering if you'd like to go out with me No Sorry my cat ran across my keyboard RESTORATION 100
  • 48
    meme - Text - @Scott39i My dad showed me a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation on why one should always wear a condom during sex All the slides were just pictures of me. 17/10/18, 23:54
  • 49
    meme - Text - X r/Showerthoughts u/OrangeDesert 4h Condoms are made by humans, for humans, to prevent humans. Funny Mindblowing 2.9k Share 78 BEST COMMENTS americansherlock201 2h So are crocs 649 Reply
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    meme - Line - How old were you when you found out the houses in Bikini Bottom are car mufflers that fell into the ocean due to pollution? Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig Iwas today years old wow


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