28 Dumb Memes To Help You Stop And Smell The Roses

  • 1
    meme about wanting pregnancy pillow while not being pregnant
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  • 2
    dungeons and dragons meme about expectations vs reality
  • 3
    picture of lots of electric cables captioned "when you take your headphones outta your pocket"
  • 4
    headline about Liam Neeson being tired of doing action movies and reply saying "Taken: A break"
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  • 5
    Star Wars meme about Windows update not letting you restart your computer
  • 6
    "Have a break, have a Kat Kot" caption over picture of white cat with suffering expression
  • 7
    Star Wars meme with Winnie the Pooh as Anakin standing off against Obi Wan
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  • 8
    dank meme about making all memes deep fried with picture of hand slapping button
  • 9
    Star Wars meme about Obi Wan realizing he's on even ground with Darth Vader
  • 10
    meme about dogs being excited to go for walks with picture of dog with glowing eyes and caption saying "yes bitch"
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  • 11
    picture of dog standing on hind legs photoshopped into scene from Boondock Saints
  • 12
    meme about insomnia sufferers having less sleeps until Christmas with pictures of woman in bed staring at clock
  • 13
    meme about man thinking deaf woman is throwing gang signs with picture of couple in therapy
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  • 14
    meme about racist dog parents with pictures of Labrador dogs cooking in kitchen and sitting at table
  • 15
    collection of real and fictional people that look like Ted Cruz captioned "if the Illuminati doesn't exist explain this"
  • 16
    meme about customer joking about item that doesn't scan being free and cashier reacting with pictures of woman laughing with unnaturally wide mouth
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  • 17
    picture of man wearing bird mask carrying bag with birds in it captioned "don't talk to me or my sons ever again"
  • 18
    dog liking own Facebook post about barking if they get likes
  • 19
    meme about banning plastic straws when assault guns are legal
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  • 20
    picture of sleeping Thomas the Tank Engine being watched by evil looking train captioned "waiting for your friends in different time zones to get online"
  • 21
    Electronic Arts meme with The Beatles as unlockable game characters
  • 22
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  • 23
    meme about being an underachiever compared to your friends with picture of people clanking beer glasses
  • 24
    pun about breaking arm in three places with picture of man speaking to doctor
  • 25
    Tweet about replacing family photos with Steve Buscemi without mom noticing
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  • 26
    meme about burglar assuming boldly that you want to live and that you have money to be robbed of
  • 27
    meme about approaching your friends' problems with picture of smart Patrick Star vs approaching your own problems with picture of Patrick nailing board to head
  • 28
    math lady meme about going north far enough to eventually be going south


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