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This Amazing Homemade Star Wars Cookbook Samples the Cuisine of a Galaxy Far Far Away

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    The Menu is Simple But Full of Tasteful Puns

    star wars cook book - Text - INDEX Yoda Sada Bobba Feth Obi wan chpatle chewles caokies Lelas buns C3 pot de creme Jabba the hummus. .. .8 hans solow chil 2 .3 . 4 ..5/6 ..7 .910
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    Perfect Refreshments For Any Young Padawan's Birthday Party

    star wars cook book - Handwriting - T ODA Aoda Boba Fetta & RED PEPPER DI P Yield3.5 ps* red bell peppers, roasted IN GRE DIEN TS: 14 cup fresh lime Jura 3 tmblesr jar cup sparking water scoop lme shebet/sorl.t cup exhra vm olive ol PREPARE: 2 cloves garhe, peeled R cmp feta cheese, vumbled To PREPA RE puree all m a faod frocessor Stason with Salt & pepper chill 3 honvs or over ht TO (4 Combire jul a and gar, dissolve add Sparkling wafer Pour into ass/bowl SCGOP in sh 2
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    Wookiee Here, the Perfect Cookie Recipe

    star wars cook book - Handwriting - OB1-WAN Chipile MAYO CHEWIES COCONUT I Tablesp.pple cidev vinagar2tep.arlic /2 cup Soft buter l'2 cupcon teasp lme jure 2 Cup bawn sugar cup flour IES 3 egg yolks O K CO Natense drgchpote flaked 2 teasp. ta salt Iteasp. maplesyr 4teasp paprka cup snjarhteasp baking soda Ifeasp. mnsa I enp Canola o h teaspbaking pder I teaspion vanilla Pinch Salt 1 easp. pper Pinch Salt TO PREPARE (ombne ylks,vinegar mustd, alt mapie srdp, whisk to Com bin slowl hisk in al at q
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    It's Not an Everyday Thing But It's an Iconic Breakfast Staple

    star wars cook book - Text - PRINCESS LEIAS TCINNAMON BUNS 214 feasp.ochvr dy jest be yeast om bne sgar s, atter a , Wavm milk Icup wav m milk P2 (Mp sgar flou,mix wl d yeastmix to tlonr mix arlau danh biwl, sit one haur alant 3 cnp b , Soft l+tasp. salt lin wavm, ola 2. ejgs dongh lbx12 imches 9Cups flar cupbown Sr hnteen to 350 F gease 9xl3inch pan 3 Cup bu al ilhn drents 3 Tablesp.cinnamen *Cream theese 1 6tablesp. butter I2 n powder sugar '4 chp neam cheese 2 teasp. Van.lla 8 teasp. Balt SAe
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    That C-3POT de Creme is Speaking My Language

    star wars cook book - Handwriting - C-3 POT de CREMEMA6RA HUM MUS .>chelate RavurIN GREDIENTS Sounces dark chotolateo canhed chickpeas wnshed nces coconut cream 1-4tablesp. water 4 Cup maple sp 2 to blesp.exha virgin olive an Hablesp. leman jile cloce rlhe Zest of 2 ovninge pinch salt SERVES6@ %0qamseack >Simmer cheam, syrup 2est1 teasp n Cumin welgh chocolale (n blender teasp Salt add (oam to lender add all maedents to aeratedhsped unhl fa poceSor mi x to chill n servmg onlanec add watr 4tables

    In fact, it speaks over 6 million different languages. 

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    Save Leftovers in the Fridge or in Carbonite for Long Term Storage

    star wars cook book - Handwriting - HANS SOLOW KER CHI 1os. gvnd b 1teasp. Jarle P 1 40asp Salt 1teasp blacu payeen 2 tablesp, olive oil 32 02. black eeans, Avaincan 16 02.1talun diad tomatoes 2 cans tonato Sauce (32 02) TO PREPARE uok meat jarlic keans, AvaindkcanPodr, salt perpev add to Slo cuvev add all ne main Mvedren ts Icup fmzen Covn cook low for 6-7houvc oR 6 cloves javlie, wmin ced 2 nd pPpeis, chayped 4-5 houvs 4 deasp pswder teas p cnmin with a dasl Sevve with Souv unea IhasP sa


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