Actors Share the Dirty Little Secrets About Their Embarrassing Sex Scenes

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    Now That Would Have Been Dramatic

    Food - [-] Magicamace 3017 points 1 day ago" (last edited 1 day ago) Not me but a friend of mine. He was supposed to do a kiss during this one scene, except just before their lips touched, the girl cries out "I had peanut butter today!". Thank god she said something, because he was deathly allergic.
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    He Must Have Had the Litany Against Boners in Mind

    Text - [-] geekzapoppin333 points 1 day ago I was in a play where I was portraying a quadriplegic. Consequently, I couldn't use my arms, hands, or legs for much of anything. I was in a wheelchair and wearing track pants. In one scene, the lead actress sat on my lap and we kissed. At the time, my (now-ex) wife and I didn't have the most active of love lives. Now, the kiss was very professional. No tongues. Just a lingering, mouths-closed kiss made to look more intense than it was. Still, having t
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    Actors Make Small Talk With Co-Workers Just Like Everyone Else

    Text - [-] togorange997 points 1 day ago It's a part of the job someti mes so you act professional about it Shortly after moving to NYCI was doing a very low budget short where I played a teenager who had sex with his girlfriend and the condom broke. I knew there would be nudity during the sex scene and was super nervous about it so I did exactly what any guy does before a first date with an attractive female, I jerked off. Got the first nut out of the way and was instead able to focus on the sc
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    Way to Show That Bench Every Thing You've Got

    Natural landscape - - aeriat572 points 1 day ago Not me, but my fiancé. He had a sex scene in a movie, and the actress just happened to be a girl he went to college with . She was SUPER hot, but it was such a goofy scene, he didn't pop a boner (well... that I know of...) At the end of the scene his character finishes, and squeezes her boobs while yelling "honk hon k!" Then he rolls over and says "Best ever babe!" To this day, I'll run up to him, squeeze his chest, yell "Honk honk! Best ever babe

    Honk honk!

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    That Probably Didn't Follow OSHA Guidlines

    Text - -1 TankBearz 2609 points 1 day ago* (last edited 21 hours ago) I had a kiss scene in a movie where the girl punches me in the face off the bed and then follows me down and kisses me. About two takes in, she accidentally punched me in the face for real. Blood starts pouring out of my mouth, we actually have to stop to get me cleaned up. The kicker was that she had to do a bunch of close up shots kissing me, immediately after I stopped bleeding, so I guess that was payback?
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    Maybe He Didn't Bring His Knees in Tight Enough

    Organism - - Dont-quote-me 64 points 1 day ago I was on the production crew for a live version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. There were the principle actors (Fank N Furter, Janet, Brad, etc), and a bunch of background players who stood around in the background doing like super slow-motion sexy poses and would come up for the singing and dancing parts. All of the background players were dressed in body stockings of various colors, and not much else. So, during one of the talky parts, the backgrou
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    Text - -shahadar 129 points 1 day ago I was once cast in a role where there was some kissing involved. However after the actress saw me she demanded that the kissing scene be removed from the script. She got her wish


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